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  1. jimbabwe

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    Wow, thanks for all of the responses! I guess I wasn't the only one who needed a good rant on this subject, unfortunately. @fmc_smt thanks for sharing the cool pics! I don't doubt that there are good and take pride in their work. I was curious if the experiences I've had were generally...
  2. jimbabwe

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    Wow, thank you for the responses everyone. It's interesting to hear everyone's experiences so far...even the ones still going on! I guess the Service departments around me aren't the only ones screwing stuff up...sad, really. After all of this, I guess I am under the impression that how the...
  3. jimbabwe

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    Hey all, I apologize if this has been asked before. I'm curious to hear about your experiences with the Service department at your local Ford dealership, good or bad? Here in SE Georgia, I'm having a tough time with the dealership situation in my area. There are only 2 dealers, both of which...
  4. jimbabwe

    Hood Struts

    I have the MMD Hood Struts, and like them. They aren't as expensive/fancy as the Redline or Ford Performance, but they get the job done, especially since I open the hood between autocross runs. The one plus is that you don't have to modify the battery cover, unlike most other kits. My hood edges...
  5. jimbabwe

    Quick convertible boot question

    Operating normally for stock. If you want the trunk to pop open when it unlatches, you'll need to purchase the Steeda trunk pop kit. It will require a little more effort to close the trunk, however.
  6. jimbabwe

    Illinois Gen 5 whipple issue on auto 15-71

    You might want to post this in the Forced Induction forum section, not the classifieds ;)
  7. jimbabwe

    Mustang gt Convertible top speed limiter Check out the smartTOP module. It will allow you to select the speed at which the top will open, up to 50 km/h (~32 mph). The one-touch operation alone is worth it!
  8. jimbabwe

    Exhaust system for verts

    That's a shame they don't offer the touring axleback for 18+. I have the AWE Touring on my '16 vert as well, and also LOVE it
  9. jimbabwe

    303 Top Protection - First Time

    I regularly use 303 on my top as well and am satisfied with the results I've gotten. Ironically I just sprayed the protection on it today!
  10. jimbabwe

    A Question for the Convertible Peeps

    If you get a dash cam hardwire kit, you can tap into the passenger footwell fuse box. Make sure to match the kit power plug type (mini-USB, micro-USB, etc.) with your camera. I tapped into the SYNC fuse (#32), as I wanted the camera to stay powered when the car is parked.
  11. jimbabwe

    A Question for the Convertible Peeps

    Thanks guys, hope it helps people out if considering a dual dash cam install. I got the Crosstour CR600. Not the most expensive option, but it works. I'm sure there are others with a weather-proof rear camera that would work as well. I mounted the main unit on the driver side, just behind...
  12. jimbabwe

    A Question for the Convertible Peeps

    I was able to mount a rear-view camera on the back of my convertible after doing much figuring out, as I couldn't find much online at the time. Here's what I did. I ended up mounting the camera onto the upper corner of my license plate with heavy-duty double-sided tape, routing the wire...
  13. jimbabwe

    Possible PP front brake drag issue?

    Great, thanks guys
  14. jimbabwe

    Alignment Advice for 2016 PP, street + AutoX use

    Not much luck with the front camber (right camber especially), but was able to dial in most everything else. I realized today that with my tri-ax street shifter w/ bushing and jacking rails, I will have to class in CAM-C next season anyways. So...maybe its time for some camber plates and...
  15. jimbabwe

    Possible PP front brake drag issue?

    Hey all, when I had the car up on 4 jack stands the other week (cleaning off the wheel weights before balance & alignment), I decided to check the brake drag on the front tires. When rotating the tires by hand w/ lugs still attached at full torque, the front wheels only spun 1/4 to 1/2 turn...
  16. jimbabwe

    2017 convertible with smartTOP module

    Just installed my module the other day and LOVE it! My only regret is not doing it sooner
  17. jimbabwe

    Alignment Advice for 2016 PP, street + AutoX use

    Thanks for the responses everyone, I appreciate the insight. Thanks Labradog for the chart, looks like a good place to start. I didn't realize that I had to modify the front strut bolt holes to adjust the camber. I think I side with NightmareMoon and wait to touch front camber if I decide to...
  18. jimbabwe

    Alignment Advice for 2016 PP, street + AutoX use

    I've read through other threads, and have tried to go through the 90 page thread on what people have done for F-street, but just confirming, the best thing to do in my case. The car goes in for an alignment this weekend. As a note, this is the first time I've tried to set up the car with an...
  19. jimbabwe

    Is it just me?

    Some can enjoy both. :sunglasses: I have a ton of fun using the 'stang for both cruising and AutoX
  20. jimbabwe

    Convertibles: Roll bar required for Solo AutoX?

    Hey all, I'm curious for those who AutoX their convertibles if you've been told a roll bar is required or not for F Street? So far, I've been running without one in my local events, but worry about driving long distance for an AutoX, to just be turned away for not having a roll bar installed...