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  1. Sigma6

    American Muscle Disappointment

    Lack luster cs, high prices. Shop elsewhere. Doesn’t take too much gooogling to see it’s not just a few people or a certain forum. Truck forum has negatively too. If you see more negative reviews, still order, and it doesn’t meet your expectations, sadly I’d say with technology and how plugged...
  2. Sigma6

    Tonneau Caps in 2021 model year

    I leave my off. Think it looks better but honestly wish the Mustangs vert down design was like camaro. It looks clean, but it’s hassle taking on/off. So kept my in my trunk til a cheer wine accident occurred. Now they went from black to lava red... sorta liking the look but still aren’t using.
  3. Sigma6

    Want to win a $200 Lethal Performance gift card??

    In on the lethal ness of this thread
  4. Sigma6

    Higher mileage and boost

    The 5.0 Coyote is a pretty solid platform. While mileage is important, how it was maintained is even more. I’ve broke down gen 1 & 2 with over 100K look better than some with just over 40k. Also it depends upon how much boost you’re gonna go too.
  5. Sigma6

    Black Friday 2020 deals

  6. Sigma6

    Minnesota Locating a 2017 GT350 Resonator?

    Bump can be 2016+. Still looking.
  7. Sigma6

    Minnesota Locating a 2017 GT350 Resonator?

    Hi All - Picked up a 17’ 350 and would like to put the resonator back on. Anyone have a set they’re taking off or know where to go? I’ve called around to a couple dealerships and checked with beef cake racing, coming up empty. Thanks
  8. Sigma6

    Annoyed with the attention

    If you’re that upset either get a different car or let it go. Life’s too short to let others get under your skin. Someone wants to go, just ignore em they typically give up and move on.
  9. Sigma6

    Need advice on parts I ordered and have not gotten yet.

    Been a few threads started on here with them over the years.
  10. Sigma6

    Sold my baby, need consoling - did I get a good deal?

    If you felt it was a good deal at the time you sold it , then don’t worry about it. The reverse could be said if someone buys a mustang at the end of the month and 2 days later found out if they wanted til the month they’d get an additional rebate. Again, if you’re satisfied at the time of...
  11. Sigma6

    Need advice on parts I ordered and have not gotten yet.

    I am going to post this Forbes articles as it’s relevant As it’s interesting to read how companies respond and they themselves use it as an...
  12. Sigma6

    Can I switch my Recaro Seats back to heated and cooled?

    There’s some good starting info here
  13. Sigma6

    0% for 84 months Financing on 2019 Mustangs (not including GT350)

    it’s going to be all situational to what the price of the car is, the loan amount, how much the rebate it, and what your credit score is going to be (if you finance) with a credit union or bank. While I agree in many cases it’s true, not completely true for everyone. Plus there were/ are dealers...
  14. Sigma6

    0% for 84 months Financing on 2019 Mustangs (not including GT350)

    You missed my point but it’s Next to impossible not to hit the market if you’re investing this year. So that was irrelevant.
  15. Sigma6

    0% for 84 months Financing on 2019 Mustangs (not including GT350)

    lol. It’s free money. At days ends your cars worth what someone’s willing to pay. I’m making money in the stock market;.... but hey it’s your money. Cars going to depreciate at the same rate regardless of what your loan amount is.
  16. Sigma6

    Forum discount?

    There’s a listing on our sites forums for AM with a 6% least still today again when I post this. Not sure how long it’ll last. But it’s FJuly6G. Am refuses to honor it even with screen shots.
  17. Sigma6

    If you designed a Mustang, what dimensions (l x w x h) you would have?

    Skip the coyote, do a LS swap. It’ll fit, helped a buddy put in an LS into his Porsche. Thing runs like a zombie chasing flesh.
  18. Sigma6

    Any Rumors of Ford Offering the PP2 in the Convertible?

    I’m a Jeep guy if I’m on the beaches.... can cruz dunes & carry the boards and pull the jet skis all while not having 4 doors but i get the appeal. I like your thinking.
  19. Sigma6

    Which caliper paint?

    I Maybe a little bananas ;)