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  1. Bought a salvage 2016 gt 5.0

    Huh? It was available for 2016 Mustangs.
  2. Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    I like the S197 and S550 body styling, but for different reasons. I like the old school look mixed with modern touches. I also liked how fresh and modern the S550 looked when it came out. The C8 flat out looks exotic. I like the styling too and all the advantages that a mid-engine car comes...
  3. Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Well... don't leave us hanging?
  4. Trading for a GT?

    Not sour about anything. I feel blessed for everything I have. I've worked hard for everything I have. Someone's assets doesn't define how happy the person is. A lack of money can definitely make someone stressed financially, but millionaires have their own set of problems they deal with. The...
  5. Trading for a GT?

    I was as well. There's definitely some BS going on here. I'm going to be that guy and say the kid has a rich daddy or an idiot that was a cosigner on the car note. A 24 year old paying over $1400 a month just for his car? LMAO!
  6. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    If a car manufacturer wanted to have a jack point at the differential, it would be in the manual. That's why my response said the differential wasn't designed to be a jack point. I believe the Subaru WRX (2018 model year for example) has the rear differential as a jacking point in the owners...
  7. Frustrating to park it all winter

    I don't drive in a blizzard in any vehicle. The snow storm that put almost 4 feet of snow on the northeast was crazy. My rule of thumb for myself down here in these parts is if your car is going to act like a plow where the front end is pushing snow, don't drive it. It's easier to drive a car...
  8. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    I doubt losing 11.6 pounds will make your car any faster or handle any better. Especially since that weight is evenly distributed in the middle of the car and it is at a low center of gravity. Installation of the jacking rails was a whopping 2 bolts per side. The whole installation takes 10...
  9. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    They add a whopping 11.6 pounds to your car. If you started exercising, you could lose 11.6 pounds and call it even. What do ya say? Seriously though, what do you do with your car where 11.6 pounds would matter?
  10. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    Taken from HoosierDaddy For a live axle car (like my 2014) the pumpkin and axle tubes and mounts are designed to support the weight of the car. For an S550, the pumpkin does not support any load and the bolts that hold it to the car, are to support the weight of the pumpkin and hold it in...
  11. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    Get the jacking rails and then weld a piece of metal across. There ya go :crazy: lol But in all seriousness, without jacking the car up by the pumpkin, what else is connected to both sides? Nothing. Your choices are: A post lift Jacking up each side individually (which is easier with jacking...
  12. Frustrating to park it all winter

    Drive the damn car! This isn't a Ferrari and it isn't a '65 Mustang. My car has seen rain, snow, hail (not my choice, got stuck in a freak storm one afternoon), sun, everything you can think of short of a tsunami. Not to mention, it has an aftermarket hood with vents. Doesn't matter if lots of...
  13. Best way to jack the rear to rotate tires?

    Jacking rails and... done! Steeda sells them BMR sells them
  14. Use your paddle-shifter A10 owners or Ford may well decide to 'cost optimize' them out

    How new is the Charger? The ZF 8 speed? Also, I wonder if the paddle shifters are any better in the GT500.
  15. Use your paddle-shifter A10 owners or Ford may well decide to 'cost optimize' them out

    For the F-150, I can't imagine anyone using the back door handle to auto-unlock. I don't see that being a big deal. For the paddle shifters on your Mustang, if you really wanted to shift, you should have bought a manual not an auto. I have the MT-82, so not sure how good the paddle shifters are...
  16. S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    You have any proof of that claim? I'm guessing you don't because it isn't true. Going back to 2008 until present day, there hasn't been a SINGLE YEAR that the Challenger outsold the Mustang. Most months it wasn't even close. Dodge Challenger 2016 Dodge Challenger 2017 Dodge...
  17. Off-road headers and O2 sensors

    When it comes to electronics, like sensors, the best brand is almost always the one that came on the car. The problem for you isn't that you are getting a bad sensor. If you were to go out and buy another brand sensor, it would still die in short order. Also, if there is any way around using...
  18. 2019 Bullitt Cold Start

    Depends who you ask... :wink::devil:
  19. Want car loud . High flow cat install?

    Exactly what AZ18yote said. High flow cats, headers, and a Roush exhaust will still be bananas. The cold starts will be heard throughout your neighborhood. The Vibrants could help some, but I ultimately ended up switching to the GT500 mufflers and it is much more manageable now.