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  1. Zelek

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    I posted in the other thread. I feel like 60k is too much for something like this that still has the same Gen3 5.0 the other ones do. It would need a specialized engine for it to be really unique like a GT350 is. I chose to grab a single turbo kit for my 17 instead. I do like the looks of...
  2. Zelek

    LUND racing divorcing SCT tuners

    Yeah, I saw their post about it. I hope my Ngauge never stops working, lol.
  3. Zelek

    Procharged - Worried about cats failing but need to pass inspection in Texas

    If you have long tube headers, you aren't passing unless someone turns off your O2 sensors and makes them show N/A versus Not Ready. I've extensively looked into this and its due to the location of the O2's on longtube headers mostly. Either the tuners don't know how to get the voltage...
  4. Zelek

    On3 s550 Single

    Yeah, it's a crapshoot at this price point. If you get manifolds that fit well, you're gold with the single kit. The rest of it is much easier to install than the twin kit. I definitely have my concerns with some of the stuff but I also didn't want to spend $12,000 on a Hellion twin top mount.
  5. Zelek

    On3 s550 Single

    Yeah, you'd have to get that one planed unfortunately. That's the first thing I'm going to check before I get it ceramic coated.
  6. Zelek

    GT350 VS 18 Intake Manifolds

    It's a 50/50. Some are successful, some have issues. If you ever plan on forced induction later, just lock them out now.
  7. Zelek

    Budget supercharger build for a daily?

    Don't fix what isn't broken. Drive the car first and fix what needs to be fixed. Don't just throw random parts at things.
  8. Zelek

    GT350 VS 18 Intake Manifolds

    Lund set my soft redline at 7900 and my hard redline at 8200. It's meant to be that way so you aren't bouncing off the rev limiter and break your OPG's. To your point, it's not good to go much past 7500-7600 on the 18 manifold. You're better off with a GT350 manifold at that point and might...
  9. Zelek

    ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Can also go to a 10 rib setup if you want.
  10. Zelek

    On3 s550 Single

    I put in my order for the On3 single kit a few days ago. I figured at that price point, it's not bad and if I really want to I can replace the turbo and wastegate with higher quality stuff. So far manifolds have been decent and not warped from those that have installed it.
  11. Zelek

    I did it, 2020 F150 intake manifold on a GT

    May as well get a Camaro or Challenger if you want the 6k redline. If you aren't taking this car to 7600-7700 rpm with an 18 manifold, you're missing out on a lot of fun.
  12. Zelek

    Flex fuel kits relatability

    Last time I checked, Lund only does wideband flex fuel tunes. Unless something changes, they don't do in-line fuel sensors like other non wideband cars. Flex is a transition tune not meant to run full time but you can if you want.
  13. Zelek

    Budget supercharger build for a daily?

    Got plenty of BMR parts and no additional noise at all.
  14. Zelek

    Help with exhaust. Corsa Xtreme or Sport ?

    With stock headers and boosted, the Sport should be plenty fine. I'm a huge fan of the Krona with catless long tubes. The Corsa will get raspy if you ever go longtubes without cats.
  15. Zelek

    Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    One of the best upgrades to the transmission aside from swapping fluids. It's fantastic.
  16. Zelek

    2021 Mustang Mach 1 Gets Final Styling Changes Before Production

    I was excited till I loaded a Mach 1 up with all the options and the A10. I'm not paying over $60,000 for a Ford with the same 5.0 engine. I'm looking at paying off my current 17 next month and forced induction options instead.
  17. Zelek

    ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I wish there were more specs posted on the blowers themselves like what the max RPM is. The Stage II ProCharger has an 8 rib setup while the ESS one is still 6 but has the capability of going to a 10 rib which is a massive step up.
  18. Zelek

    Anyone else fed up with Consumers Reports?

    Getting a solid 12.3 on E85. Article is accurate.
  19. Zelek

    Ford announces Google partnership as its preferred Cloud provider beginning 2023

    I work in technology and when I see people who don't use a Mac for what they are intended for then ask for help on how to use them, I want to just toss it in the garbage. Buying a Mac because your friend Susie said they are the best is not a good reason to pay $2k+ to check your email and...
  20. Zelek

    Ford announces Google partnership as its preferred Cloud provider beginning 2023

    Oh, I know. I'm invested in Apple because sheeple continue to buy their overpriced junk and those people make me a lot of money long term. I don't see that slowing down anytime soon. Please keep buying Apple stuff!