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  1. sabtaj1

    Rear wheel and tire clearance

    19x10 with 35mm w/285-35 fronts 19x11 with 50mm w/325-30 rears
  2. sabtaj1

    Rear wheel and tire clearance

    No rubbing at all. Post pics once you get em on!!
  3. sabtaj1

    Best long tube headers?

    I had absolutely zero issues with E85. And for the price/quality of the stainless power headers, I highly recommend them. Fit and finish was excellent. I installed my own and did it on jackstands in the garage even. Pretty sure I did an install write up. I did install the big daddy O2 spacer...
  4. sabtaj1

    student debt forgiveness is back

    I'm sure more would have went to college if they knew they wouldn't have to pay for it. I would have. LOL.. But they can pay my car off instead, I am fine with that. HAHA. Sh*t is out of control. On the other hand, I am about to unload some ammo and build an extra garage.
  5. sabtaj1

    Switching from Magnaflow TruX to H-pipe. Questions

    I swapped from the 18+ steeda x pipe to the tru-x. I didnt have to re cut or anything.
  6. sabtaj1

    Ordering a new car. If you could have either the B&O stereo or active exhaust?

    I love the active exhaust!!!! I was in same boat as you, was gonna get base model... However, this was my first brand new car purchase... If you are debating em, then get em. You only live once, get what you want!!! especially with a new car.
  7. sabtaj1

    Looking into doing meth injection, on my D1x Procharger set up.

    Just dont tune it to rely on the meth. I had my ecoboost flex tuned a little to hot on the meth. Had a pump fail with my snow stage 3 kit. Put a devils own pump in. It failed (like went to shit inside pump) was hidden out of the elements and had protective sleeve on it. Second pump failed...
  8. sabtaj1

    Engine Cover for 2018+ GT

    I used a dremel tool with a small cut off wheel. Then used sand paper and a block to clean up the cut edge.
  9. sabtaj1

    Ngauge Window Mount Question

    I didn’t want a window mount or the vent mount. I went with a magnetic $9 cellphone mount from autozone. Plus can unplug and hide if needed. Works perfect.
  10. sabtaj1

    FS: Barton Auto Shift Knob

    GLWS. That’s a great deal!! I love mine.
  11. sabtaj1

    CMST Tuning Front Bumper -- No Marker Light?

    Dont forget it has a front license plate mounting point. That alone ruins it
  12. sabtaj1

    Resonator Delete Question

    these are the clamps i purchased. The steeda clamps suck.
  13. sabtaj1

    Just ordered a whipple kit, anything else I should need or add?

    It was 38lb injectors it came with. Late last summer. Lund told me not to pulley down below the 3.875 it came with until more fuel and with longtubes its like between 9-10lbs.
  14. sabtaj1

    Just ordered a whipple kit, anything else I should need or add?

    mine were insane with the steeda x pipe after header install. I put the magniflow tru x on asap. Its perfect now and if you have active exhaust it works great still with the tru x
  15. sabtaj1

    Just ordered a whipple kit, anything else I should need or add?

    Not sure number wise but quite a bit. My cats are gone, installed stainless power LTH with no cats. Mods are in my signature
  16. sabtaj1

    Just ordered a whipple kit, anything else I should need or add?

    Stage 2 kit comes with DW400, 37lb injectors, denso spark plugs n all. Totally complete. Or atleast mine came with all that.
  17. sabtaj1

    Just ordered a whipple kit, anything else I should need or add?

    You will make 725+ on just the stage 2 kit alone at the wheels with 93 octane (I would say 750-760ish). As for oil, I run Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic since installing my stage 2 on my 19. Mine went 10.23 @138 with a 2.2 60'. That sixty killed me. I was thinking fuel system too but I am more...
  18. sabtaj1

    American Muscle Disappointment

    Maybe they cant find it cause they shipped it out to you but didnt realize it. LOL
  19. sabtaj1

    anyone have 345 wheel/tire on the rear

    285/35 on 19/10 front and 325/30 on 19/11 rear.