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  1. Torched10

    Warranty Buy-back program?

    I had a caddy xts with mysterious leak.tutned out water was getting into a pillar from leak a along top of window that went behind the top of the glass and went into pillar.out of warranty so was expensive to fix.just some silicone allow to right place.try sitting in your car while it's raining...
  2. Torched10

    When you pull up to a Mustang, what song should be playing? What song compliments a Mustang most?

    Here's my all time favorite.i added to my playlist when I bought my 14 Shelby.iys called cobrastyle
  3. Torched10

    When you pull up to a Mustang, what song should be playing? What song compliments a Mustang most?

    I'm 75 but this song always get me going.BOOM BOOM POW by black eyed peas.its on you tube Also dynamite. Is excellent
  4. Torched10

    20 questions about my 1st oil change

    I just order oil change kit from,kmans oil,bring it to a small repair them put it in.they charge me 20 careful the oil cones flying out like water make sure you've got a large container and raise the sided with something to make it higher.the 1st time he did it,oil...
  5. Torched10

    Oil Life Indicator

    Interesting read on oil life monitoring system
  6. Torched10

    Oil Life Indicator

    On settings menu you can reset to whatever % you want
  7. Torched10

    Oil Life Indicator

    The fird pass app has all the vitals on it,including oil life
  8. Torched10

    Blue smoke on occasional startup

    well got oil changd today at sat over night and no blue smoke whn i started it at dealer.I reread your repsonse and noice3d one cause was low oil.I was down a quart,so maybe thats why it was blue.Its a long story on low oil but i was caused Im sure when i had first oil change at Jiffy...
  9. Torched10

    Keyless entry not working on passenger side

    I think I recently read a post that when closing the door adcshutting it down,click the fob twice and it shuts off many of the drain items like the key fob searcher.coukd be wrong
  10. Torched10

    Blue smoke on start happens every time I start in am.after that it's been fine.just seems low mileage for valve stalls.thanks for input
  11. Torched10

    Blue smoke on start

    I've noticed slight amount of blue smoke and oil smell on start up.i started car remotely yesterday and could clearly see blue smoke for couple minutes.,I don't smell it while driving,nor when I start it during a drive.its a 19gt pp1 car auto.only 2000 miles on it.changed oil at1000 miles and...
  12. Torched10

    Leaking tire

    The slime unit worked to tighten the core.thanks alot
  13. Torched10

    What does this button do?

    Tour ford pass app can track your car as well just in case someone else is diving your car
  14. Torched10

    garage door opener help

    My liftmaster is 10 years old and only changed battery once.
  15. Torched10

    Sun Visor help with garage door opener.

    I went with a standalone visor opener from liftmaster for my 2010 Shelby and am still using it.heres link
  16. Torched10

    Radar Detector mounting locations / pics

    These things are line if site,so the higher on windshield the better.i keep my Valentine which tracks both front and rear under mirror so I can turn volume up or down.btw having a rear warning is very helpful.
  17. Torched10

    Leaking tire

    Thanks 75 and in high risk covid so trying not to go to stores if there's a way to tighten it at home in all for it.i have needle nisr so what do I need to do to tighten valve stem.thanks