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  1. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Congratulations Where did you get the wheel nut covers & key cover from ?
  2. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    My dealer has now told me my car is ‘compound out’ not sure if that means at Baltimore or left Baltimore I’ve only seen compound in before
  3. New member, looking for advice

    I’ve just got a email from my dealer John Grose Ipswich they have confirmed that ‘my’ mustang is eligible for 0% finance I’ve asked if there a deposit allowance or 3 free payments etc
  4. New member, looking for advice

    0% finance Not sure it applies to all mustangs this is the conditions — Ford Credit. Selected Fiesta models, Focus ST, selected Mustang models and All-Electric Mustang Mach-E are excluded. New Puma and All-New Kuga are available on 0% Ford Options on 2 years.
  5. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Many thanks :like:
  6. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Thanks for the reply, I know you used to get what ship they was on from a mustang email but that has stopped when did yours leave the states ? I might give me an idea of when mine will appear. Let hope you get the call soon
  7. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    I know my car is at the docks or left USA is there any way to check what boats it’s on or where the boat is ? Or when it arrives I think in Liverpool ?
  8. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Buying a car is never a good financial decision unless it’s a classic you always lose money I may never make pensionable age so may as well use the money now I’ve got another 2 bigger pensions How much is a whipple blower ? :cwl:
  9. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    End of September :thumbsup:
  10. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Scrap that have raided 1 of my pensions n will now take delivery :party:
  11. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    My GT auto in black with recaros n spolier is now built n on its way to uk my dealer has said it will be here end of sept unfortunately it’s not mine any more so if someone is looking for this spec John Grose in Ipswich will have it
  12. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Thanks I did see it Can’t be too excited have some personal issues n may not be getting it :crying:
  13. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Many thanks
  14. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Is the [email protected] still live I’ve emailed Karen n Stacey but have not have a reply
  15. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Dealer has a estimated build date 27/7 :inlove:
  16. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    many Thanks
  17. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Many thanks dealer has now sent full vin as above but it’s not showing window sticker but is on etis
  18. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    My dealer has sent my vin no. Have entered it in to the the window stickers site but not showing yet As was said on the 1st page I’ll be checking it every few mins !
  19. Detailed Order Process (UK-S550)

    Many Thanks