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  1. GT350 Vs. Chevy Camaro SS

    The next GT500 will shock many of us. It will be a straight line jackrabbit and quite capable of turning left and right on the new chasis which will have a couple more years of refinement.
  2. 582hp/442lb-ft from factory, what do I need to do?

    Why wouldn't they sell it for more than 2 years. The answer is there is no reasonwhy they wouldn't as people are buying it or there is a chasis generation change. The GT500 will be along and weigh heavily on sales of the 350 if they are even offered concurrently and that is a big if.
  3. R model at msrp?

    I have never seen or heard of new car appreciating in value. Looks like I just don't get this whole "R" thing. Oh well, hope you guys enjoy your cars when they arrive! I just would think that it is really not logical to exepct these cars to be worth more than you paid for them in 3, 4, or 10 years.
  4. R Model allocation

    That was good one! I laughed out load when I read that. Really wasn't aware of the severity of that tire issue. I probably got lucky when I had the Corvettes out in cold weather. I have actually come across a few people who do not believe that man ever set foot on the moon.
  5. R model at msrp?

    Did not insult anyone Dude. So you think a Mustang can increase in value from the day that it is purchased? You believe that too?
  6. R model at msrp?

    You are buying a brand new car and you honestly believe that your cars market value will increase from day one? You can't possibly believe that.
  7. R model at msrp?

    OMG tell me you are not serious. MY 15 GT350s are appreciating from this point on? You are completely clueless if you believe that my man. Unbelievable.
  8. R Model allocation

    I'm not some paranoid OCD monkey that looks for "cracks" in his tires. Jeeesius guys just drive the cars. I'm sorry but I just don't feel any compelling reason to believe tire stories from guys who also believe that there won't be enough 60 thousand dollar Mustangs to go around. Get real!
  9. R Model allocation

    Have actually had those tires on 2 different Corvettes never had a problem. Drove the car year round sometimes in 20 degree weather.
  10. R Model allocation

    There are tires that are not recommended for cold weather use. Have had them on a Corvette and the car was quite drivable, tires would spin with ease. I highly doubt that any tire is going to be damaged by just exposure to sub 32 degree temperatures. The manufacturers liability on a tire that...
  11. R Model allocation

    My goodness, do they build them outside?
  12. $41,100 over MSRP?

    LOL, take a look at the bid history. It is at 5,555 and then jumps to 30,000 in one bid. Total nonsense. These are not people you would ever want to do business with.
  13. R model at msrp?

    Thank you so much for straightening me out! I completed the 9th grade so I'm conversant with the "supply and demand" thing. It appears that you consider your self in a superior position here as evidenced by your ability to judge me and enlighten me on future pricing of SE Mustang offerings...
  14. R model at msrp?

    I don't feel old. Can run 5 miles at a clip and lift 3 days a week along with other physical stuff. Sorry if a reality check is not what you would like to hear but it is the way it will go my friend. You can bet the farm on that one. Ask the guy who blew a major wad on an ADM for a KR if that...
  15. R model at msrp?

    I am 60. That is old by some standards.The historical data is verifiable, real, and will apply to this offering as well. FPC is cool as was the supercharging of the Terminators and the resurrection of the SHELBY moniker for the GT500. Each and every new, red hot, SE, edition sees its glory days...
  16. R model at msrp?

    Don't need it Dude. Just interjecting some common sense and rationality here. We all salute Ford for the fantastic job they have done with this GT350. We all agree that this is a fine vehicle which can hang with offerings costing far more but keep it in perspective. These are Ford Mustangs not...
  17. $41,100 over MSRP?

    Exactly. Some gullible enthusiasts don't understand that there are punks who bid the hell out this kinda stuff with no intentions or ability to buy. Dealers also use shills to jack the prices. there are suckers out there who believe that this stuff is real. People with this kinda money aren't...
  18. R model at msrp?

    I wouldn't get too excited about the '15 my friend. That might be something of interest to a small number of people right now but in 5 or 10 years it won't mean crap. The same has gone for all the pace cars, anniversary editions of this and that, forget about it.
  19. WHAT MSRP!?

    OK, so they made 150 of these 2015s or whatever. Is anyone here really buying one now and willing to wait 40 or 50 years to see if their speculative investment pays off. $150,000 invested now in reasonable financial instruments today will return enormous sums of cash in that time frame. Do the...
  20. Just got an email from dealer refunding my deposit on R Model after 6 months!

    Who have you ever known, heard of, or better yet would be dumb enough to pre pay for a car that does not exist?