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  1. wet okole seat covers

    Like another 20$ or so I think. If u want a logo besides the wet okole logo it's more money. Took about 3-4weeks to get them.
  2. I "Think" I got the best dea ever or did I?

    take the bus. LOL. i love my tacoma.
  3. I "Think" I got the best dea ever or did I?

    I read this and thought of my situation. I owned a 2019 gt pp1 a10 in velocity blue until april 27th when i traded it in for a 2019 quicksand tacoma trd offroad 4x4. My reasons were that i really didn't use the car as it's designed so it's just a garage queen and also, it ticked and rattled...
  4. carpet front mats 2019 mustang GT

    no. tossed them weeks ago.
  5. traded it in!

    i left my 4x4 patriot at the dealer for 2 weeks recently trying to chase down a weird hum noise from front end that's been there since almost new- it has 18k miles on it now- and has had tires changed since and they replaced engine mounts and adjusted this and that and it changed, but it's...
  6. traded it in!

    ball buster!!!! LOL
  7. traded it in!

    well i have a 2007 4x4 s model xterra since i bought it new in late 2006. So i have all the maint records- mostly done by me or the dealer for warranty stuff. i just replaced the 2 primary cat because of their close proximity to the exhaust manifolds and some of the guys have had pieces of cat...
  8. traded it in!

    LOL. to each his own and that pic doesn't do the tacos justice at all. it's actually a very nice looking pickup IMHO.
  9. traded it in!

    not really crazy expensive. my truck- 2019 TRD 4x4 OFFROAD with automatic trans and some extra options like power tailgate/power rear window, etc etc was $35,500 before TTL
  10. traded it in!

    not on the daily. but some of the above 2x a month. the thing is, the taco can get me places i really want to go that the stang couldn't. the stang could only go fast. that's it. the taco can get there just the same as the stang, just slower, and has more room, 4x4 and STELLAR toyoter...
  11. traded it in!

    my specific truck, the off-road TRD 4x4 short bed auto gets 18/22mpgs. the trip back home from dealer, i averaged 21.5. that was all suburban roads with stop signs/lights etc. I will take that for a v6 pickup 4x4 anyday. i watched the eco display and alot of the time i was getting mid 20's...
  12. traded it in!

    I am guessing he got the color "cement". that is a nice color.
  13. traded it in!

    well to each their own. i am a worry wart and i really don't think the mustang was for me. i don't go fast that much to warrant it taking up space in my garage. And the ticking/rattling was just the final straw that took me over to the possibility of getting ride of it. Sandy will be used...
  14. traded it in!

    here is a pic when she was still at dealer. her name is Sandy btw.
  15. traded it in!

    traded in my 2019 gt with pp1 on a brand new 2019 toyota tacoma TRD OFFROAD 4x4 in quicksand color. Got a great deal for trade-in and on the truck. ford ticked me off- no pun intended- on saying the typewrite tick is normal as is the 2000-3000 rpm rattle. i couldn't enjoy the car with those...
  16. Just started the dreaded tick.

    wel the next change i will do myself and throw valvoline synthetic 5w20 in it. i will keep some of the drainage and send off for analysis.
  17. Just started the dreaded tick.

    just an update- i drove the stang last night before washing her. drove about 8 miles and once she was warmed up, used sport mode some. Had an absolute blast! before this trip and when i started her in the garage, i heard zero tick- this is important because i used the remote to start her...
  18. Just started the dreaded tick.

    two lemons- 1 was a buy back and i bought another from same place due to transmission issues. the other was an engine knock on a nissan versa that they replaced engine on, and it still knocked, and they gave me a 100k mile warranty. not excessive at all as i have bought probably more than 12...
  19. Just started the dreaded tick.

    I have just started the lemon law process. I reached out to the dealer and after them saying they can't do anything besides trade it in- yeah right and lose 10k+ dollars for ford's design/quality issue on a 6 month old $45k sports car- or lemon law. I have reached out to an attorney to see...