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  1. Radar detectors dated?

    I've had great luck with mine.... just don't cheap out.
  2. How many winter drivers

    I live in MN... I drive my GT year round. In the last 10 years I've driven my 2010 Camaro 2LT, 2012 Camaro 2SS, 2015 Mustang GT, 2019 Mustang GT year round. I use all season tires in the winter. I haven't tried snow tires yet.

    No. Not for me. I haven’t found any that grabbed my attention.

    Added painted rear quarter window covers.
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added some cosmetics to the rear quarter window and Borla ATAK
  6. Corsa Exhaust Specials FREE Shipping at RDP Store

    I'd like to talk to you about exhaust options for my 19 GT non-active exhaust. I'll look to call, or please PM me info I need for purchase with Labor Day sales.

    Picked up a VB with Black accent GT last week. Almost bought the Kona, but very happy I went with the VB.
  8. What have people paid in the last week, discount plus zero?

    I paid a little under invoice and then took 0%. The black accent was hard to find with A10.
  9. Do you have audio questions?

    Has the Metra Kit been reliable?
  10. Do you have audio questions?

    SQ_S550 Thank you very much. My main concern is that factory controls are not lost (except voice). Nav is a nice to have, but not required. What set up do you run? You mentioned kenwood. I’m not opposed to after market. I was thinking around 800-1000 for total head unit costs. I’m...
  11. Exhaust Note Video List - Summarized in First Post

    I'm searching and having a hard time finding it. I had a 2015 GT. I now have a 19 GT (non-active exhaust). I take it the 19 exhaust options are different from previous years? I'm trying to find my options for axle back that are louder, deeper, and no drone....with nice looking tips.
  12. Do you have audio questions?

    Thanks. Is the SYNC 3 MFT an expensive route? I don't know what this entails.
  13. Do you have audio questions?

    I just picked up a 2019 Mustang GT base... no upgraded stereo. I have the sub and amp and controller that was in my 15 mustang GT. I'd like to change the head unit and other speakers. Do I need a metra kit to do a new head unit, or are there other options? I'd like to upgrade the head unit...
  14. Official Source for Zito Wheels | ZF01 ZF02 ZF03 | ZS03 ZS05 ZS07 ZS15

    I still don't see the Zito wheels on your site.
  15. Official Source for Zito Wheels | ZF01 ZF02 ZF03 | ZS03 ZS05 ZS07 ZS15

    Why can't I find the ZS05 on your website?
  16. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    I agree as well. I really like the look of the 20" Foundry wheels. :cheers:
  17. Pics of my 2016 CO GT with new P51 101RF Wheels

    And....rear wheel drive doesn't play a factor in wider rear???
  18. Pics of my 2016 CO GT with new P51 101RF Wheels

    Looks pretty sweet!!
  19. Coyote Brand Spacers

    I'm looking and getting 15mm. Which is just a bit over 1/2 inch.
  20. Coyote Brand Spacers

    Is this brand a reliable brand? Can they hold up to all conditions? I'm about to order spacers, and have never used spacers on a car I know very little about manufacturers.