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  1. TT15GT

    Hellion turbo kit experiences ?

    I drive mine alot and no issues. The only problem i had was when the car had the bmr drag spings on it the down pipes scrapped the ground alot i have put the car back to stock height and no other problems
  2. TT15GT

    Set the S550 stock motor record!!

    Do you have a wiring diagram for the 2relay tbreak.
  3. TT15GT

    Hellion TT on the rollers

    U relocated the o2s to the down pipe?
  4. TT15GT

    2 relay transbreak wiring

    Looking for a wiring diagram for a 2relay trans break. Anyone has one?
  5. TT15GT


    :headbang:Thats bad ass.
  6. TT15GT

    WTB boss intake

    Any one wanting to sell a boss intake. Ready to buy
  7. TT15GT

    NEW- Auto Trans Shift Knob

    So no switch on the pistol grip? Geuss i will just order one now then.
  8. TT15GT

    NEW- Auto Trans Shift Knob

    Now this would look killer
  9. TT15GT

    NEW- Auto Trans Shift Knob

    I would def be interested in one with a switch in it
  10. TT15GT

    Hellion car blown head gasket

    We did try runnin it on 18lbs. I think thats what did it. Since we put it back together with the new springs head studs and cometic gaskets i havemt had a problem. Maxing out at 15lbs
  11. TT15GT

    Hellion car blown head gasket

    I started loosing coolant and it was rough to start so i pulled the plug and had fluid ontop the piston
  12. TT15GT

    MSD 2step problems????

    Seems like its always somethin simple. How do you like the bump box. Did you figure out a spot to put that big switch board?
  13. TT15GT

    NEW!! Boost Works sheet metal catch can!

    Ill wait to see if you can make it work. My coolant tank is located where the catch can would go. I cant upload a picture to show the exact location
  14. TT15GT

    NEW!! Boost Works sheet metal catch can!

    Hey travis. Did you get a chance to try the catch can on a hellion car yet
  15. TT15GT

    6r80 bump box

    :cheers: Man that is good to hear. Im excited to get mine started. So can you adjust how much it moves?
  16. TT15GT

    6r80 bump box

    Looks pretty smooth. Did you go with the N2mb or msd 2step
  17. TT15GT

    6r80 bump box

    Gunna order all my parts soon and start building mine.
  18. TT15GT

    6r80 bump box

    What rpms were you holding with the brake?