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  1. Shortblock advice

    AED shortblock 4k done. Itll hold over 1k too. Good luck finding a better shortblock for the money.
  2. [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    Want free tuition EARN IT! I joined the military at 17. Ive done 3 tours overseas to the middle east and have zero college debt.
  3. Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    A 2006 to a 2020. Times....... Theyve changed dude..........Vehicle cost means very little now. Hell look at a Kia from 2006 compared todays 2020 Kias.....

    Hell yes!! Looks great with white to offset the black center section on the bumper that Ive hated since day 1. Should be body color. I miss my TY 2016 I had so this color combo makes me drool.
  5. Build your own Mach 1 now with this custom tool

    Looks killer in retro Yellow Orange Black! Where do I sign?
  6. Arizona Da polisher

    Shipping to 20111? Thanks Tyler
  7. 18+ Active Exhaust upgrade question

    its about sound not loudness @rangerryda I have a 2020 PP1 with Active exhaust and X pipe too. Id like a different catback for the sound too but it has to stay active.
  8. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    F1X and air to water. I cant figure put why more people dont go centri straight to the intake manifold with an air to water IM.
  9. VMP has a 3.1 liter TVS on the way

    Whipple 3.8 soon.......
  10. Going for 500whp N/A

    id like to see a high compression 5.2 gt350 headed build
  11. Got some good news today

    hell yes its about time this comes down in price!! the s550 "tax" needs to take a nose dive.

    Im not from the Washington DC area but im out here on active duty. Last week i went and looked at 7 GT350s at 3 different dealers around Washington DC and all of them had 5 to 10k ADM. The avalanche grey one with black stripes at one dealer had the 10k ADM and i told the salesman id be...
  13. Boost works twin kit ordered

    kills me to see people having such troubles on what seems to be a damn nice kit.
  14. E85 results

    Nice! 10s with corn drs and skinnies on a stage 1 setup.
  15. Roush 2.6 Blower Coming

    i still dont get why whipple doesnt use the bigger rear feed blowers on the s550. fitment be damned buy a bigger cowl........
  16. Street Legal Performance SLP Exhaust?

    loud mouth 2s and an X pipe is still best sounding exhaist for the money imo!!!
  17. Educate a noob: Why does the Coyote respond so well to boost?

    Behold the damn magic of intake AND exhaust VVT! ive linked this article before and ill do it again because its so impressive IMO. How Much Power Does Coyote VCT Account For? AEM Answers The...
  18. Rods/Pistons

    :lol: :frusty: im not even going to reply to above............. :headbonk:
  19. What kind of boost increase!

    Car has ported heads boost is arbitrary. Id be interested to see if car responds better to pulley drop or timing.
  20. Boost Works welcomes a new member to our fab team!

    Being open and honest is what puts these guys above the rest of the pack!