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  1. Texas WTB: Forgestar F14's

    Anyone selling Forgestar F14's? Let me see what you have.
  2. Indiana Apex racing wheels 18x10

    PM sent
  3. Texas forgestar performance wheels $400

    Just two correct?
  4. Harbor Freight Recalls Jack Stands That Could Suddenly Collapse

    Glad I have a quickjack for this reason. I had a buddies jack stand set while doing my sway bars, i didn't feel comfortable at all even with the tires under the car just in case it fell. Now I have peace of mind when it comes to working on my car. Good looking out for the rest of us though!
  5. Mustang digital steering cluster steering wheel install

    @breeves002 Click on his user name in blue and send a private message. He will take care of you!
  6. anyone driven both a Hellion Twin AND a Whipple?

    I've driven both and they are completely different in my opinion. I think @WildHorse nailed it on his post btw. I prefer the Whipple as it's instant and funner to drive than the turbo setup (had a whipple on my gt350R). I haven't driven a centri setup yet, but they are pretty much the same way...
  7. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    i called a broker and they said it did sell, it was sold at 9:06am. Starting bid was $56,500, but they won't tell you what it sold for, unless you were watching the auction live. I bet if it was the first car and had 6 mins of bidding, it went way up there. Just a guess though.
  8. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    Not sure, but will be mad if it goes for under $60k!
  9. Header installation - wylie/north dallas

    Paramount Speed is new to the area, but has been in business quite a while. Call them up and talk to Michael Ayers. He will take care of you.
  10. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    ah it didn't show me that until I clicked on the bids. Good Catch.
  11. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    I wonder if you can use a broker to dig a bit deeper into the history on how it landed in their lap. All my dealer friends won't touch Copart! I'd be a buyer if it checked out and I could get it under MSRP (then again so would you and many others on this forum).
  12. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    very true, but this is a highly anticipated car and to see it go this direction is a bit strange. But with the virus, it's affecting all aspects of business and it's very possible they are trying to free up some cash. I will certainly be watching this one.
  13. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    That is the way it seems, they sold close to $7k over MSRP on ebay (-fees?), now copart has a buy it now of $99,500. So i would imagine them not letting it go for under $95k - just a guess. So anyone who thinks they are going to scoop this up under MSRP is going to be in for a rude awakening!
  14. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    Makes me wonder if the dealer sold it, copart bought it and then it trying to make little off the top on it?
  15. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles?

    that is what I originally thought, however those two were different colors. This one doesn't appear to have any damage at all. Where those that took a spill have some road rash at least by looking at the marks on the highway.
  16. How does this get on COPART with 8 miles? Genuinely curious as how it made it's way to copart. Any guesses?
  17. Georgia MPR Built Coyote 5.0 Longblock

    So much want! Free bump sir...
  18. Does anyone here have their knock sensors desensitized?

    i did run it desensitized after e85 on my whippled 350r. never had any issues, but sold the car not long after. New owner hasn't had any issues though from what I understand.
  19. Coyote Black Oil Pump Gears

    Nice, hows the motor holding up with all that power? No issues? I'll take some photos and let you know about oil pressure and such when I get them installed. Doing Cams and ATI Damper at the same time.