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  1. Crackerjack17

    Huge knock issue.

    Looks about the same as mine did. You able to re-use your heads?
  2. Crackerjack17

    what spark plugs?

    Thanks! Ordered another set. $53.58 shipped.
  3. Crackerjack17

    what spark plugs?

    They are $7.12 from ngk themselves. Shipping probably about $10. Where are these vendors buying this stuff, retail?
  4. Crackerjack17

    Kansas Sold

    Its only short term... make her happy now and he can do another build down the road. Happy wife, happy life.
  5. Crackerjack17

    11k budget

    I've had the procharger kit and now installing a hellion sleeper kit. But, if you want a nice clean factory looking install with a super nice air intake, it's hard to beat the whipple setup.
  6. Crackerjack17

    Dragy and Boundary gears/sprockets in stock @Lethal Performance!

    Draggy at a killer price? What's the killer price? $149 is the retail?
  7. Crackerjack17

    Huge knock issue.

    Huh? If the ring lands are cracked, combustion pressure makes it's way past the pistons and rings and into the crankcase pressurizing it. So if you either open the oil filler hole and/or the pvc system, air and oil fumes will be coming out when there should be nothing normally. If you press...
  8. Crackerjack17

    Huge knock issue.

    Yep. 7&8 on mine.
  9. Crackerjack17

    Huge knock issue.

    Mine was ring lands. Car ran fine. Do a compression check. Open oil cap while idling... is it puffing out with each revolution?
  10. Crackerjack17

    2016 Shelby GT350R 1200R Twin Turbo | 1200 whp

    That clutch alone costs more than some peoples builds. Lol
  11. Crackerjack17

    2016 Shelby GT350R 1200R Twin Turbo | 1200 whp

    That is a freaking work of art!! Is that a pressure sensor on the head cooling mod I see for monitoring coolant pressure? Nice!!
  12. Crackerjack17

    Broken rings - which route

    Ill stick with lower compression to increase reliability. I know this doesnt have anything to do with coyotes, but aren't top fuel dragsters 6.5 to 7:1 compression ratio?
  13. Crackerjack17

    California FS: 2017 Shelby GT350 (Must See) 3800 Miles $25K Invested Oxford White Black Roof $54K Firm

    The angels in heaven have never seen perfection this personified!
  14. Crackerjack17

    Bracket for catch can and regulator

    Nice job! What are they bolted to? Is that an big chunk of plastic bolted to the inner fender?
  15. Crackerjack17

    New Jersey Anyone Know What Steering Wheel this is?

    I bought this one... hard to beat for the price. Super nice. Fit same as factory.
  16. Crackerjack17

    Centrifugals and Low End Torque

    P1sc1 stg. 2 with 4.63" pulley, pump gas. 2017 mt82 3:73 rear. 10:1 compression shortblock. Stock heads/cams. 2018 intake manifold, imrc lockouts. A slow car compared to many on the forum. Against a friends 2018 ZL1 camaro...
  17. Crackerjack17

    GEN 5 Whipple Stage 2 Kit

    Anything can happen. Your increasing output by about 40-45%. You think ford engineered in that much safety factor? If the factory was specing it at that level they would change everything. Bearing clearances, ring gaps, materials, cooling, etc. Now, can you get away with it. Sure. Depends...
  18. Crackerjack17

    GEN 5 Whipple Stage 2 Kit

    9-11 lbs of boost, heat. I ran the living hell out of it all the time. 160mph highway pulls uphill. Bound to happen. Lasted for 9000 miles.
  19. Crackerjack17

    GEN 5 Whipple Stage 2 Kit

    What were the numbers from the leak down test? Was it running ok without noise? I cracked the ring lands in 7 and 8, when I disassembled the motor, the block was fine. No scratches at all. I literally could have just stuck two new pistons in and put back together. Stock pistons are only...
  20. Crackerjack17

    ATI balancer with Procharger

    Sold my procharger, but ran it with ati balancer for about 14k miles. 10-12 lbs boost. 7500-8k multiple times, every single time I drove it. You will need the procharger pulley for an ati balancer, which I have left over and for sale in the for sale section. (Guy I sold procharger to had...