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  1. TxGT350-52

    Good Mustang Performance Shop in Conroe/Tomball Area

    Any particular reason you do not like them? I have not used them yet, but they were on my list for the future.
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    Third party dealership

    I just bought a Ford ESP / Protect at 34 months for my 2018 GT350 and the online price was quite reasonable. I picked up Premium Care for 8 years / 36,000 miles with $0 deductible, first day loaner and light coverage for $1660 at Anderson & Koch Ford. They were $50 less than Flood Ford for the...
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    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    I keep my old parts and offer them to the new owner when I sell the car. If they do not want them at the time of the sale, I throw them away. I had one case where the person contacted me several weeks later to tell me he had changed his mind. Unfortunately, the parts in question were already...
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    Exhaust upgrade

    I have the Corsa Double Helix on mine and it sounds awesome! There are several Youtube videos and they sound the same as my car.
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    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    People keep talking about the non-Recaro heated/cooled seats being "leather". My 2018 does not have leather seating surfaces, but the sides are leather. Did this change in later years?
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    Yes, there is $75 transfer fee per the ESP paperwork.
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    They are selling Ford backed service plans, so they will be accepted at any Ford dealer in the country.
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    Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    I specifically looked for a GT350 without Recaro seats, as I will not be tracking mine. I am short and light, but did not like the firmness of the R seats. I like adjustability and I always keep my seat in the highest position when driving on all of my cars and trucks. The R seats we’re a hard...
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    @lightrules posted the Anderson site, so here is the one for Flood Ford. Compare the two and pick the one that is cheapest for your situation. I have heard of local dealers matching their price, but I am just going to use one of the online services so I do not...
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    Check out their websites and you can see all of their pricing. Your local dealer will rarely have the best price unless you force them to match one of the online dealers. There is no difference between what you buy online and your local dealer, so get them to match it or buy it online.
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    Any reason not to go premium on our cars? I was planning on buying premium and adding the first day car rental ($0) and the light bulb replacement ($0), but doing the $50 deductible.
  12. TxGT350-52

    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    That is a great question and is the main reason I am looking at 7 years instead of only 5 or 6. The cost of adding a couple of years up front is much less than having to buy a whole new ESP after the first one expires. I have not heard of someone adding more years, so please let us know if you...
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    GT350 wall art

    I thought this thread was going to show me something else I need to buy for my garage, but I think the "cost" of your art is probably more than I want to pay... :)
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    From your avatar, it looks like we have the same taste in cars/trucks! Both of mine are gray vs red... :sunglasses:
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just compared Anderson and Koch with Flood Ford for my car, and their prices are exactly the same for the time frame and miles. :) (7 years, 36,000 miles Premium Care) Zeigler Ford was another name I heard about on the Raptor forum, but they were several hundred...
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    Best Place to Buy ESP for 2018 GT350

    My factory warranty is about to expire, so I would like to buy an ESP before I hit 36 months. Is Flood Ford still the best place to buy an extended warranty? I am looking for 6 year coverage with as little miles as possible. My car has 2800 miles and I do not expect to put more than 1000-2000...
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    Looking at an '18 GT350

    With the GT350 not being made for a while, the price of used cars is going to naturally increase. This price seems a little high for the mileage, but if you like the car, see if you can get them down into the low $50s.
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    Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    I get it that some people think Youtubers are not real people, but what is the reason for wanting to know if someone on this forum was denied? It is "more" real if one of us says it? I could be a secret Youtuber and a person who posts on this forum. Will my story be credible? It is a fact...
  19. TxGT350-52

    I wanted a heritage edition until I saw this. Now I can't unsee it.

    The first picture has some pretty basic steel wheels on the car. I am glad they upgraded them for the second picture... :sunglasses: