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  1. plc268

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    Yea. A BMS reset isn't required and the car will reset itself once you let the car sit overnight. People are making it more complicated than it has to be.
  2. plc268

    Texas RLCA bearing and Rear Lower Control Arms

    Still for sale. Make me an offer. Shipping to US only. Shipping international is just too expensive.
  3. plc268

    Texas RLCA bearing and Rear Lower Control Arms

    Lower control arm bearings are still for sale. Make me an offer if you want them.
  4. plc268

    Texas RLCA bearing and Rear Lower Control Arms

    All prices include shipping Steeda RLCA Bearings $130 shipped - So I attempted to install these myself at some point, but miserably failed. I just didn't have the proper press to do it, and didn't feel like paying someone else to do it for me. One bearing is pristine, and one bearing shows...
  5. plc268

    AudioDesignsCG Custom Subwoofer Box Review

    Same. Mine hasn't budged at all, and it's just sitting on the carpet in it's corner. I have not fastened it down. I've had for for a few years now.
  6. plc268

    Battery box cover fasteners

    You really don't need those fasteners. My battery cover hasn't had any fasteners holding it down for at least 3 years now. It's not going anywhere.
  7. plc268

    Spare Tire Tale

    Have you done this? Have you done anything special to mount it somewhere? I'm considering adding one to my trunk as well and would rather not have it rolling around the trunk and being a possible cannonball in the back of the trunk.
  8. plc268

    I may have done it! Possibly decent looking caliper covers for rear

    For that money he should've at least masked off the bleeder.
  9. plc268

    What tires is everyone using?

    The michelin PS4S were nice but expensive. I only got 22k miles out of the rear before it was showing cords, and 26k miles on the front. After that, I switched to the Firehawk Indy 500, and those tires impressed the hell out of me. They're half the price and have like 90% of the performance of...
  10. plc268

    Issues w/ Cops -- Long tube headers and after market cat back

    To be fair, Virginia is probably the worst state for car enthusiasts. They have incredibly harsh penalties for speeding and you could easily land in jail at speeds that I would consider "cruising speed" here in Texas. As far as cop trouble: every state is different. Some state's laws are...
  11. plc268

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Curbed my wheel. ☹️ First time after being careful not to after 4 years. Did it by cutting a corner that I've taken almost every day for 10 years, that I've never cut before. I can only be mad at myself. Oh well.
  12. plc268

    low battery message for key fob

    Both my keyfobs gave me a low battery message within months of each other. The fobs for 2015-2017 mustangs take two CR2025 batteries. It's fairly simple to do, and the only tool you really need to do is a coin or something to pry the shell apart. There's a couple of youtube videos that'll show...
  13. plc268

    Passing inspection with long tubes

    Never had a problem. FWIW, I have catted long tubes. I've taken it to hole in the wall inspection places and national chains. No one ever gave me a problem about it.
  14. plc268

    Everyone over torques lugs...Ford...Tire shops...

    You do understand the basic principles of torque and applying leverage, right? Your definition of "worked just fine" is different than mine. Those cross shaped lug wrenches are typically 14 inches across (let's call it 12 inches / 1 foot for simplicity). The socket is in the middle of that...
  15. plc268

    Everyone over torques lugs...Ford...Tire shops...

    Those tire irons are really a terrible way to get over torqued lug nuts off. A 2 foot breaker bar will make easy work of 99% of lug nuts when you put your body weight into it. If you still struggle, then add a cheater pipe. Use leverage to your advantage.
  16. plc268

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I'm not sure about the dimensions, but a "well nut" may be a decent application for putting on trunk pull straps.
  17. plc268

    Putting gas from a gas can in 19 gt

    Those "no-spill" gas cans are an abomination. For one, they don't have a vent, so they glug and take forever to empty. Then the pour spout is usually rigid and requires you to activate it in a certain way. I don't buy any expensive gas cans, I just buy the standard plastic cans you see in the...
  18. plc268

    Help with subframe bolts.

    You're talking about the blue subframe bolts, right? They shouldn't be blocked by exhaust unless you have a custom exhaust with different routing.
  19. plc268

    New 777 Performance front fascia for 15-17

    Looks good. Fitment on that looks WAY better than one of their previous posts. I would probably order one if it came out this century. Getting tired of the usual "time estimates" that a lot of these companies give out. That combo with the black roof looks amazing though. If I ever do get this...
  20. plc268

    2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Yea, ambient light always has been that way. If you want to change ambient light settings, you need to cover up the light sensor.