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    What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny, BU5Z-9C268-A is the fuel locking cap and I have checked fitment and can confirm I do not have the slots. Looking for some ideas you might have weather it be another cap that would fit or is it possible to change the facade of the easy fuel? thanks Lloyd
  2. Lightning

    Help with Steeda caster/camber plates

    I would just try calling Steeda and asking for help. Customer service is A1 @SteedaTech
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    Brake Caliper Question

    i googled brake calipers decals and came up with this. you can create your own
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    Best indoor convertible car cover?

    I think it’s here lol I have the covercraft block it 380 and use it all year round. It works in door and out.
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    Red wheel trim!! Yay or nay??

    Here’s my 2-5cents, because we round things up up here and well I didn’t want to round down cause then it wouldn’t amount to anything :crackup: for what they’re manufactured for, to protect from curb rash, I like, but to be so flashy I don’t like them. I love those CS OEM wheels and I feel like...
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    Rear deck lid weather stripping?

    Ya, that’s what I’m thinking now. I’m sure this is just a vibration thing so I’m hoping it’s not that important that it to be a perfect fit.
  7. Lightning

    Rear deck lid weather stripping?

    Hey guys, Anyone know how to replace this? Is there a ford part number or some kind of aftermarket stuff I can use?
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    Convertibles Photos Thread

    I think CJs
  9. Lightning

    What can we do for You?

    Thanks Benny :handsinair:
  10. Lightning

    What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny, is there a difference between the convertible and the coupe rear deck lid? thanks
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    Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    I have the stubby You can get them on there site or I think amazon sells them.
  12. Lightning

    Leave top unlocked or locked while opening?

    It has been mentioned on here before somewhere I’m not sure, maybe @JohnDoe but it’s all good man. Lock, unlock. It doesn’t hurt a thing. I used to lock it and now I leave it unlocked.
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    Need Help ASAP! Door ajar chime won't stop when ignition is off!

    Did you try removing the positive from the battery to give it a reset? Sorta like the cell phones
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    Used Ecoboost Convertible Mod Plans

    Mine did not come with sequential turn signals.
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    Used Ecoboost Convertible Mod Plans

    Nice list :thumbsup: I have legal tint and now thinking about going darker just for the look when parked. Reason is 99% it’s top down and the popo won’t think about it if they don see it right? I went with the kuda for the phone mount, just looks cleaner. I have the SoCal steering wheel and it...
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    Freakin FedEx

    I think most manufacturers are not “shippers“ They only can fix this issue with feedback from customers and transport companies. If they didn’t care and kept shipping products poorly, we would spread the word and they would lose a great amount of support. On the other side of the coin, minimum...
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    Trunk Spoiler question

    Do not!!! Believe it when they say that it will fit both coupe and convertibles.
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    MGP Caliper Covers

    I had a set before I painted mine and if not install right, they will rub. I suggest making sure installation was properly done.
  19. Lightning

    Rear Subframe Rust

    So this por15 stuff, you just use a brush to apply? Do you know if it will show streaks?