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  1. Come on Ford...really? Oil filter drain tricks?

    Minor update: I see there is a difference in flow rates from the filter normally used and the ones used for relocation kits. In order to use the Fl500s filter I need to have an adapter made. Covid slowed me down but I hope to get a drawing done and see what local machine shop can do for me. My...
  2. Texas 2018 Lead Foot GT350

    Then I don't feel so bad!!
  3. Texas 2018 Lead Foot GT350

    That car came with the base screen etc.? Looks like a V6 console.
  4. California WTB: Small Diameter rear anti roll bar from V6 or Base Eco Mustang.

    I have that but shipping from Michigan would be a problem.
  5. What can we do for You?

    Thank you! Agreed shipping would be terrible. I would likely pick it up locally.
  6. What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny, Can you help me find a part number for the hood liner/insulation? It doesn't show up on any parts lists that I've see. This is for 2016 V6, squirrels chewed it. If another model has a smaller version that might be ok as well.
  7. Cup 2 tire failure - tear at inner lip inside rim

    I think drifting or sliding sideways could do that?
  8. Come on Ford...really? Oil filter drain tricks?

    Working on that right now. I might add it this fall. Moving it to the drivers side up above the exhaust shield. I'm working on a heat shield just in case its needed.
  9. 12V switched source

    Old thread I know...but is there a switched 12v in the trunk? (2016)
  10. What can we do for You?

    Ok, thank you for the reply.
  11. What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny, A quick question, slap me if its dumb. Are the discount codes you have only good at Levittown Ford or can they be used at my local Ford dealer? Would they also have codes? Thank you! You are always a great resource.
  12. I discovered some stowaways under my hood

    I like to use mind control on those too. I wish it would work on the red squirrels leaving piles of walnuts under my hood!
  13. New Jersey FS: WMG Auto shifter

    Fuse, Do you still have this shifter?
  14. California FS: White Madness Auto Shifter - Grabber Blue

    Do you still have this shifter?
  15. Selling car after driving it home?

    Wife.... Insurance... Sense set in?
  16. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    The grille lights are to big. Looks cartoonish to me.