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  1. Have to scratch your head in this one being Amazon ain’t the tidiest of them all

    Did you guys read the article? He doesn’t work directly for Amazon. He works for a logistic company who happens to deliver a lot of Amazon packages. His company should be doing more for him in the health and cleanliness department. Could amazon help the delivery services more, I’m sure they can...
  2. 2020 Shelby GT500 vs 2018 Ford GT Drag Racing

    depends on the car. Winter conditions and no adjustments (like this video) most of the time human can beat Lc. But warm sticky tires and a good LC is harder to beat then you might think. Model and variables can matter a lot. For instance on turbo cars, LC typically allows you to build boost...
  3. 2020 Shelby GT500 vs 2018 Ford GT Drag Racing

    You can use Launch control on the streets but you need to dial it in right. On the street you really need to lower tire pressure and get a good amount of heat in the tires for good results. When I had my Z06 with launch control I was constantly able to get 0-60 of 3.2-3.4 not including rollout...
  4. 2020 GT500 CFTP Destroys C8 Corvette - Motortrend Comparison Review

    First I’ll say wow, bass GT500 is impressive. But that’s what a 260hp advantage does at a track like VIR! I would doubt there’s a faster sub 550 hp car may not even be one at 600. I wish they would’ve done it at Laguna where we have a very complete list of cars/times Randy has driven. I’m sure...
  5. Did everyone else know we have a HUD?

    So true, had one on my Z06 and loved it. It’s the one thing I miss on my Porsche 911.
  6. Lund just got his GT500

    i was going to say they had no problem figuring out how to dial in the PDK (even more so) for Porsche. It’ll probably take sometime and learning curve as it’s the first major DCT for an American manufacturer but they’ll get it figured out.
  7. Randy Pobst Twitter Today

    so true. They’ve had the chance also with ZL1’s and Z06. My guess is the manufactures don’t want them to.
  8. Randy Pobst Twitter Today

    another Good example ‘16 350R ran a 1:36.11 at Laguna Seca, now I couldn’t find a ‘16 350 but Maybe someone else has it or knows? They made some tweaks to areo and suspension and added SC2 tires and the ‘19 350 ran a 1:36.83!! Now obviously there complete tuning for the added grip helped but...
  9. Randy Pobst Twitter Today

    You’re right, they are not totally linear nor did I ever say that. However we aren’t comparing different vehicles here with different characteristics, we are simply comparing tires. And there’s a much closer relationship there. For example the 1LE at the ring is 13.6 seconds faster on the 12.9...
  10. Randy Pobst Twitter Today

    I honestly don’t think people here understand that when you get to these crazy amounts of power how the increase grip from one tire such as the 4S makes so much of a difference when you go to an R compound. That R compound Allows for much later breaking, more lateral G and speed through corners...
  11. Speed Phenom puts his 2020 GT500 on the scale!

    less actually. A gallons of gas is around 6 lbs. so roughly 95-100 lbs.
  12. Motor trend track test

    Totally agree with you. On this track the wing and areo definitely have an impact, but I think the tires could have shaved 3-4 seconds off the base car lap.
  13. Motor trend track test

    good question, I was wondering the same thing. I’d love to see him have the SC2 tires on the base. I bet that’d cut the difference to like 1.5-2 sec I am hoping they did multiple car testing at VIR and we’ll get the results. They just tested the C8 there as well.
  14. My 2020 GT500 finally reached the finish line!

    Congrats. Love the color combo, that’s exactly what my Z06 was. If I order a 500 I’ll be going with the combo and black roof. Can’t wait for your first drive review!
  15. Could be the Future GT500 with 900hp.

    Oh just wait. You may see it as no fluids, but it’s basically a big appliance. Wait tell electronic/electrical repairs are necessary. Not to mention updates. Tesla’s are not error free.
  16. Acceleration Feel / First fast car

    My advice would be really Learn the car and learn how to roll into the throttle as you get more comfortable you’ll really know how quickly you can roll into WOT. Also I think with this being a DCT you guys well be pleasantly surprised with LC. With a TC auto LC is basically the same as brake...
  17. GT500 and GT350 on the Track

    I’m right here with ya. I’m not an any way saying the 500 won’t be fast, I do believe it’ll be slightly faster than the ZL1, but to believe it’s going to be faster than an ACR, ZR1, etc based on a guy stop watching a YouTube video is tough! Let’s see when MT and randy drive it. I’m sure that’s...
  18. GT500 and GT350 on the Track

    When was this video taken? I’m sure this was done back in winter/early spring to be ready for the season. You don’t do it in the middle of busy summer time. Either way widening the track could save seconds. How do you know it’s narrower?
  19. GT500 and GT350 on the Track

    That’s fast no doubt if a legit time. This time based on rumor or youtube video review? Also according to grattans site it was recently repaved and widened. So I would take this with a grain of salt. Let’s wait to see what randy does at LS and see how it compares.
  20. Are you in? Or are you out?

    I agree with you that the dealer has the right to ask whatever they want but isn’t that an unfair assessment of potential buyers if they aren’t willing to pay Adm and then say well they never wanted a 500 anyways! I believe a lot of guys here are willing to pay MSRP for the 500 but aren’t going...