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  1. Advice on swapping vert to coupe

    For the convertible I am debating possibly buy a C8 vert keep it stock and enjoy the cruise.
  2. Advice on swapping vert to coupe

    Are you saying this to find a cheap roller chassis and take advantage of weight savings? I'm not thinking 100% total race car, but do think coup would be safer than the vert for when I do take it to the track. It certainly won't be a daily but I want something shiny, like the look of the 15-17...
  3. Advice on swapping vert to coupe

    Hello, I have a built sleeved motor whipple gen 3 fore triple pump fuel system etc with a manual 6060 trans built by ben calimer. I'm at a point in life where this car is too fast for the drag strip the way it sits, but too slow for my skill level. I ran mid 10s at the track knowing the car...
  4. 2018+ Convertibles with FI - Traction Issues?

    Im in a 2015 running over 900 wheel, nt05r plus all the bmr stop the hp package and have zero wheel hop. I do get wheel spin in first on the street, and some on 2nd occasionally but that's it. Look into bmr and a good tire that will take care of ya.
  5. Oxygen Sensor Replacement?

    This is interesting. I always thought it was moisture that accumulates on the smaller head that fails them but your saying moisture comes down the connector ruins the wiring?
  6. Oxygen Sensor Replacement?

    I hears about the moisture issue. What connectors did you wrap with electrical tape?
  7. Oxygen Sensor Replacement?

    I have long tubes so my pass side will be easy. Im just trying to understand exactly which ones people are getting OEM or other and where your getting them from.
  8. Oxygen Sensor Replacement?

    Hello all, My O2 sensor burned out. My Bank 1 O2 not reading anything on logs even though car runs fine. Is Bank 1 drivers side front I assume? I am running E85 and I heard someone say they are running Raptor O2's at one point? Where are you sourcing these O2 sensors from?
  9. Supercharger belt science & the gates new RPM belt...

    Just chiming in for data sake. My car just hit 14k miles, and whipple gen3 about 6k miles. I have snapped 4 rpm belts, 3.0 upper 20 percent od lower. Numerous calls and emails to whipple im not sure if have answers. Just ordered gates green belt. Crossing my fingers.
  10. Whipple 10 rib belts breaking

    Thanks! Any guidance where to buy these, and what size I need? I'm a very good wrencher; not a mechanic, so any help is appreciated. I think these things are crazy $125 each and they keep breaking.
  11. Whipple 10 rib belts breaking

    At this point I'm exploring options; so fed up want to give up. Any pointers on how to KNOW if its tensioned properly? My tensioner goes left to right. I have it set "about" 3/4 up. I don't have go pro video or anything of what is happening in there, maybe its alternator flex, maybe its...
  12. Whipple 10 rib belts breaking

    I'll look into this. Has anyone seen real world gains from getting this?
  13. Whipple 10 rib belts breaking

    Hi all, I'm running whipple gen3 10 rib with 20 percent od pulley. I have the upgraded whipple tensioner with the whipple engraving on it. My car just hit 14k miles and today i broke my 5th belt. Anyone have any idea why i keep snapping belts? Anything i should check? Is whipple the only...
  14. Max Effort Whipple Gen 3 Dyno Results!

    Did you see any gains going with 2 inch headers? I been quiet for a while but am right in the 1k wheel range with my whipple. What did you do about vent hole in top of blower? Mine is shooting oil out the vent bolt so need find the bolt size to plug it
  15. Whipple vent screw plug

    Good idea! I deal with Terry I'll ping him. Affording is tough but that's the easy part of this adventure. Making time to devote to my wife, my kids, work on mba (gi bill helps pay for it), find time to work on the car learn how to wrench etc. Is the tough part and...
  16. Whipple vent screw plug

    Yes, it does have a little washer. I asked Dustin via private message if i should just plug this why is a special vented screw there in the first place and didn't get a reply on that. I don't know why this was ever put there if it spews oil under high boost Caught my eye because i recently...
  17. Whipple vent screw plug

    I had a post on Facebook about this and Dustin whipple replied to just plug it with regular bolt said it won't hurt anything. My car has been sitting for a few months now because i cant find the bolt or an answer to the size so i can order it. Admittedly this delay is partly my fault. The...
  18. Whipple vent screw plug

    Here is the picture of the bolt and the oil spew that hit my hood.
  19. Whipple vent screw plug

    No because the fluid is half way down the sight glass. I'm running 23psi. When under high rpm full boost it blows out the bolt on the top right of the blower. Whipple knows about this told me replace the bolt with regular one but didn't tell me the size. I went to a few bolt stores they told...