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  1. Seatown Stang

    Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    Unfortunately, no. I have just been adding wheel bering grease to them and Trying to push iit in to the bearing best I can. helps for a little while but always comes back. Super annoying
  2. Seatown Stang

    M6G GIVEAWAY: J&M Products Front & Rear Stainless Steel Brake Hose Kits

    Would love these to add to the new rotors
  3. Seatown Stang

    New Build...But Not An S550... Think Old School

    Build is coming along. tons of parts flying in...the fiance loves see a new box at the door every day. put together a build planning video and have already disassembled the front suspension, steering and brakes in anticipation for the new parts.
  4. Seatown Stang

    New Build...But Not An S550... Think Old School

    Thank you for the advice! picked up a pan from Street or Track, now just gotta find time to switch it out. I really enjoy building this car...even more than my 2015
  5. Seatown Stang

    CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Looking to buy some parts for my 67. Have parts in cart ready to order. Would love a code
  6. Seatown Stang

    New Build...But Not An S550... Think Old School

    Fulfilling a bucket list item of mine and building an old school Mustang. I picked up this 1967 Mustang coupe "c" code car on 5/28/2019. Had been looking for about a year months tying to find something that was in my scope of ability and was the right price. She was restored 12 years...
  7. Seatown Stang

    2020 EcoBoost High Performance Package, 330 HP / 350 LB-FT, 0-60 mid 4's [Updated With Video]

    Im really surprised they didnt bring back the SVO moniker...think they missed the mark on that
  8. Seatown Stang

    Velocity Blue GT500 First Look

    color looks great...but those wheels look Charles Barkley turrable...remind me of the stock 18's painted black
  9. Seatown Stang

    2021 Mustang GT Refresh Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    I like this rendition better then the current styling. Good work!! I sure hope they keep those tailpipes for the new
  10. Seatown Stang

    Diode Dynamics RGBWA DRL wiring help

    You've solved my issue then....I don't have the right amount of RGBWA drivers. They only sent one in the kit...which is why I've been banging my head against the garage floor trying to figure out how to wire this up...I really appreciate your help on was quite frustrating
  11. Seatown Stang

    Diode Dynamics RGBWA DRL wiring help

    Hey thank you for your response. I was able to determine the issue with he flickering. Im still short on connecting all of the wires into the controller. I think they didn't send me all the wiring I need. Is this supposed to come with 2 sequential switchback drivers? My set only came with one...
  12. Seatown Stang

    Diode Dynamics RGBWA DRL wiring help

    So I have completed the install of the diode Dynamics DRL and demon eye boards. However the wiring seems to be an issue. I cannot get both DRL and demon eye to turn on at the same time without them starting to flicker on and off. I suspect it's an issue with the wiring diagram but I don't want...
  13. Seatown Stang

    Removed Brake bolts holding caliper together...any issue?

    I am working on switching out the brakes and shocks and struts and when i removed the caliper I mistakenly thought I had to remove the 4 bolts on the back of the caliper. I then noticed fluid was leaking and found that the caliper actually splits apart after you remove these 4 bolts. My...
  14. Seatown Stang

    Pypes LT Header Issue

    I'll give that a look. Thanks for the help. Still haven't resolved the issue.
  15. Seatown Stang

    Pypes LT Header Issue

    I think you may have something here. Just checked the clearance and it is super tight. Going to play with it and see if I can readjusted.
  16. Seatown Stang

    Pypes LT Header Issue

    I had a set of Pypes LT installed and ever since I notice, what sounds like, a metal on metal vibration underload, on the passenger side. thinking it could be that the runners are too close and causing them to vibrate against each other. it doesnt do it at idle and I also cant get it to do it...
  17. Seatown Stang

    2018 SEMA Mustang Builds Previewed

    nobody did anything with the front fascia? that will sell like hotcakes to the 18+ crowd...
  18. Seatown Stang

    DIY: Vinyl Wrap Dash Trim

    top to bottom then worked int in from there. here is a video of the process:
  19. Seatown Stang

    DIY: Vinyl Wrap Dash Trim

    Mine did not. Awesome work in the vinyl looks great!