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  1. Switching to a convertable

    My coupe got totaled when some texting idiot drove into it while it was parked. I loved that car which was "guard" I am now going to order a convertible , which you guys might think is stupid as I live in New England It is easier to get a convertible with a spoiler delete which I...
  2. Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    When is the 2021 "Build and Price for 2021 going to be on the Ford website?
  3. Summary of 2021 Ford Mustang Changes: There’s good news and bad news

    More to be disappointed by:1) very limited availability of the spoiler delete in coupes;2) very restricted ability to get the gauge pack 3) no green (BRG)
  4. 2021 gt dealership allotment

    I know the order form is out but there is still no "Build and Price" on the Ford website for the 2021. Pictured there is still the 2020. So how can you actually order (in the USA) a 2021?
  5. Razor spoiler removal

    I am getting a second Mustang. I want the razor spoiler removed. I am willing to pay the dealer to do it. Is it doable without leaving damaged paint? I konow there is a similar thread asking about other repair places

    I like the features on the Bullitt----Coupe, spoiler delete, heated steering, green exterior--- wheel, but I don't like the badges----I prefer the Mustang badge
  7. Ordering guide

    You have to go all the way up to a Mach ! to get a heated steering wheel. The delete for that eye sore razor spoiler should be more available on the coupes, as it used to be
  8. Have you gave your car a name yet?

    Little Deuce Coupe
  9. 2021 Mustang Paint Color Options Revealed

    Guard was wonderful as is Highland Green. They both look close to British Racing Green Beautiful and classical. Why there is no green going forward I cannot understand. I see nothing about leather colors for 2021. I hope the tan comes back
  10. Rant time...what's the worst thing about your Mustang?

    My wife cannot close the door without getting her finger marks on the window
  11. Dead battery 2020 BULLITT

    My 2015 eco-boost Mustang had a battery that went flat 3 times in the first 2 years I had the car. I was given all kinds of stories about the need for a "drain test". The third time it went dead after I had just driven 40 miles. The AAA came by, rescued me and replaced the battery. I have not...
  12. 2021 Mustang Paint Color Options Revealed

    Green? Either guard or dark highland or British Racing Green Gee I wish there was a green
  13. Suggested improvement

    he Bullitt is great: spoiler delete, green color; gauge pack A further improvement would be to put the Mustang badge on the trunk and steering wheel instead of the kitchy Bullitt
  14. Why are Guards Green's so expensive?

    It is the closest to British Racing Green

    Only way I could get a Mustang with a spoiler delete; 4 gauge pack; heated steering wheel; green
  16. 2021 Mustang GT Refresh Rendering (based on first spyshots)

    Were the changes made because of pedestrian protection?
  17. Realistic Time Frame for delivery?

    New England, not Enhland
  18. Door Weatherstrip unreal

    I had a maxima where there was TSB for a misaligned trunk lid. It was only a cosmetic problem, I should have ignored it. The fix was worse than the problem
  19. Realistic Time Frame for delivery?

    My 2015 eco-boost took 4 months, Sept 2014 , ordered, delivered Jan 2015 I am trying to time ordering my Bullitt so I get it at the end of winter