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  1. OrangeCrush5.0

    Service Advancetrac, lights and steering HELP

    Did you lose power steering when it went out?
  2. OrangeCrush5.0

    Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    You do not need to drain it. If you have any other questions let me know, I’ll keep an eye on the thread. Good luck!
  3. OrangeCrush5.0

    Service Advancetrac, lights and steering HELP

    What little silver ring are you talking about? Is it the one on the CV Axle with four little tabs
  4. OrangeCrush5.0

    Maryland For Sale: 2015 Mustang GT Premium

    Sorry to high jack the thread, where are you located?
  5. OrangeCrush5.0

    California 2019 Mustang GT Performance Package 10-Speed

    Your car looks amazing! Good luck with sale.
  6. OrangeCrush5.0

    Ford Performance Stage 3 kit

    Do you think the Ford performance 47lb injectors would be sufficient?
  7. OrangeCrush5.0

    Ford Performance Stage 3 kit

    I have the Ford Performance Stage 3 kit, so the GT350 intake manifold. Does anyone know what kind of gains a custom tune would get me over the Ford tune?
  8. OrangeCrush5.0

    GT 2015 Hellion TT/“predator”long block/fully built 6r80

    Nice cars. I’m surprised you don’t have more bites.
  9. OrangeCrush5.0

    Steering rack programming question.

    So I ordered a steering rack from a website and the one they sent me has different part number than Ford gave me. The one they sent me has PN FR3C-3D070-BF. They claim it’s interchangeable with GR3Z-3504-C which is what Ford said my car needs. Can anyone please tell me if these two parts are...
  10. OrangeCrush5.0

    Michigan 2016 Ford Mustang GT PP (LOTS of Extras)

    I’m about to post mine for sale in the next two weeks. We have a lot of similar things done, do you mind if I ask how much you got for your car?
  11. OrangeCrush5.0


    I just spoke with a tech at Porcaro Ford. He said the racks are programmed with different parameters and all you do is enter a vin. He said you can try to trick it but then you might run into issues falling outside of parameters. Have you seen a chart anywhere that lists the differences in...
  12. OrangeCrush5.0


    I researched before I posted and read through those already. The only thing I saw about programming was the guy in Europe who couldn’t find anyone capable of programming it and he had to buy a new rack. I called 3 dealers and couldn’t get a straight answer. I asked on because...
  13. OrangeCrush5.0


    Before I spend over $1000 are you 100% certain the other racks would be able to be programmed to my car?
  14. OrangeCrush5.0

    Rack and Pinion part numbers

    Does anyone know if it matters what steering rack part number I buy for my car? I need GR3Z-3504-CE, which is the most expensive. I have a 2016 GT Premium and was wondering if I could get the one from a GT Premium PP since it’s a couple hundred cheaper. I know they’ll both bolt in, I was...
  15. OrangeCrush5.0

    Team Beefcake Ported intake manifold

    I want to place my order for the 2018 ported intake manifold but I have a question regarding the PCM number. Team Beefcakes website says it’s one number but Lunds website says it’s a different number. Which one do I provide Team Beefcake when I place my order? See the screen shots below.
  16. OrangeCrush5.0

    Ported intake manifold bundle

    I’m about to order the 2018 ported intake manifold bundle. I noticed something where you’re asking for the PCM number. You call out one line as the line to get the PCM number but Lunds website calls out a different line to obtain the PCM number. Before I order, which one is correct?
  17. OrangeCrush5.0

    lateral link removal

    I starting pounding it out with a big hammer, it barely moved. I took a smaller hammer and tapped on the side of the knuckle around the area where the bolt was pressed in, I then hit the bolt one time and it came right out. I went to the other side and again tapped on the knuckle around the area...
  18. OrangeCrush5.0

    Lifted Mustangs

    I have an AWD Infiniti Q50 for snow, I also have a set of wheels with snow tires for the Mustang, and a set of wheels with summer tires, and my oem wheels with all season tires and I have enough guns to not have to worry about zombies or anything else. They look bulgy because they’re slicks...