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  1. Pennsylvania Griptec 3.4" Procharger 6 rib pulley NIB

    i decided not to install this and keep my 3.5 pulley. This a 3.4" griptec 6 rib pulley for procharger. Should be good for 12-13psi. Paid $170 a month a ago. Still in plastic. $140 shipped obo
  2. Pennsylvania VMS 17X10 W/ MT ET SS

    I bought these this spring with intent on tracking the car but plans changed. Staying street car route. Wheels are two 17x10 vms racing wheels with mickey thompson et street ss 305/45/17. Tires have a few street miles on them thats it. Tires are like new. Wheels are perfect. Have lug nuts as...
  3. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    There were no instructions. And the the top of shock has a flat spot not allen head. I dont see how mounting them with shock on or off car makes a difference
  4. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    Yea it is upr's mount which is same as steeda. I have ford racing shocks. I might try impact. I tightened them by hand. It almost sounds like a clunk like something is in the trunk rolling around but i rulled that out. It is around shock area and only showed up after the mount.
  5. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    i recently installed upr billet shock mounts. I got everything tight as i was able to. Problem is you can't get wrench on the threaded nut that goes on shock shaft. I could only use socket and once it is snug the shaft spins. I notice over small bump i get a light clunking sound from the rear...
  6. Help finding P51 rims

    where are you located? I might be selling mine.
  7. Ceramic Coating Worth it???

    Simply put,yes. Depends on budget though. I do all my own detailing and coating. I have my paint coated, my wheels insides and out as well as brake calipers and engine bay.
  8. More boost with less RPM question

    I thought about doing this on my procharger as well. Dropping a pulley to get more power across the board and keeping it at 7500
  9. Budget fuel system for e85?

    i have not. I have found it to be difficult to get responses when i contact them
  10. Budget fuel system for e85?

    Correct. Procharged. Dw95,bap.
  11. (Install with Pics) Bluetooth Ethanol Sensor

    Op, what fuel system are you running?
  12. More Procharger questions

    What power before and now
  13. Budget fuel system for e85?

    Yea that's the problem. Even if i upgrade the pump no one will tune it
  14. MT-82 class action suit. Would be nice. Pretty shitty of ford
  15. Budget fuel system for e85?

    I already have a bap. No one will tune it for e85 with just bap
  16. Budget fuel system for e85?

    I would like to run flex fuel or e85. I have a procharged 16 gt. I already have dw95 injectors. What is my best option for the rest? Looking for something easy to put together without having to buy a million things and hack it together. Budget friendly as well.