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  1. Ecoboom

    Hey dude, sorry this happened. Are you able to shed some light on the circumstances that this occured?
  2. Alignment issues or inadequate alignment shop?

    Network alignment on cave Creek rd
  3. “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    No the air, the one with all the HP is over 150k
  4. Rumormill: Next gen coyote will be twin turbo 4.0L.

    Yes more Ferrari sounds less coyote sounds, 100% agree
  5. Rumormill: Next gen coyote will be twin turbo 4.0L.

    I remember this thread. Too bad it was bullshit. Would've been nice...
  6. 3.5 Ecoboost Engine Swap

    What caused it to blow? What mods did you have at the time?, Boost pressure? Power levels? Very curious as I have an 18 and wondering how much my car is in borrowed time.
  7. Just How Important Is the Traction Control?

    Not as important as stability control lol
  8. So thinking of trading the Mustang....

    Except the gt500 will track better, be more reliable and have a significantly better resale value. But technically yes if you drop 15k into your car you could beat it In a straight line. Also my vote would be m3/4. Just cause it's different
  9. 40,000 Mile, No Catch Can Report

    I'll stick with amsoil signature series
  10. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    It's 4200 lbs and has 760 hp. What the heck did you expect?
  11. Does anyone have EB corner weights or total weights?

    My car with my current mods without anyone in it and no stuff. 3700 lbs even. That's with a full tank Ya this car is significantly more hefty than I thought it was. I was hoping for 3500. To put it in perspective my buddy with a similar setup but a gt was only 60 lbs more than me if I...
  12. Setting MagneRide Independently

    I think that refers to the gt350. It has a separate suspension button on there I believe
  13. Setting MagneRide Independently

    I don't know you from the man on the moon. Idk what you drive. Nor do I give a crap. Stop being a hypocrite and annoy someone else
  14. Setting MagneRide Independently

    I don't recall you mentioning prior that you had a manual. You should have been specific.
  15. Setting MagneRide Independently

    There is no sport suspension mode. Shifting to sport from drive does not affect the suspension of the magneride system. You have to change the drive modes with the toggle switch. Your thinking of sport+ mode. This applies to the 10speed auto. If you have a 6 speed manual then ignore me.
  16. Failed Emissions on New Ecoboost?

    What he said made plenty of sense. Clear as day if you have an Ecoboost
  17. Oil FIlters??

    All I use is wix xp an amsoil signature series. No issues thus far
  18. Setting MagneRide Independently

    Sport mode doesn't affect suspension. Sport+, track and drag modes do though
  19. MT Ecoboost HPP Hot Lap

    The hpp has the 6 pistons calipers and gtpp radiator? I have the regular pp so I thought I had the same rad and brakes. I also have the torsen. No doubt the hpp is a better stock setup. Just curious how it would compare to a modded reg pp on the track. Would be a cool matchup