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  1. Illinois WTB Rear Leather Seats

    Sending you a PM
  2. Illinois WTB Rear Leather Seats

    I have stock leather covers if you're possibly interested in those.
  3. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Thanks for this solid guide! I'd been sitting on upgrading and finally made it happen with this guide. I ran into an issue with my tachometer not moving when using a cluster from a donor car and I saw at least one other user had the same issue. The issue was resolved by starting with the...
  4. How to Enable Heated/Cooled after Swapping from Base to Premium Seats

    @NC GTier thanks so much for this guide. I've had it bookmarked for quite a while now and finally had the opportunity to upgrade my seats.
  5. GT GT350 R Steering wheel, floor mats, matte black badges

    If you decide to separate the 5.0 emblems for @Geosh then I'd definitely buy the GT and Pony emblems. Totally understand if you want to sell and ship them all together though.
  6. California S550 bmr adjustable motor mounts

    Is $170 your price or just the BMR price?
  7. Programming a Key Fob

    @canvert Just seeing this thread now. The FCC IDs didn't match for me either, but the frequencies did. That was initially a concern prior to purchasing my 2018 key, but @HizliBullet had shown me a video of his working and I later programmed mine with only a small issue. Like Cobra Jet said, I...
  8. Moving sale preview

    I'm definitely interested in the headers if you're willing to ship, but Hardmoney07 isn't too far from you and was interested in them as well as a few more. Hope you can work something out with each other, but let me know if not and you'd be willing to ship. Totally understand if no shipping...
  9. Sync 3 Screen with Navigation-Enabled APIM (Sold!)

    SOLD!: $600 Shipped (48 States) OBO I'm in the process of a Sync 3 swap in my 2015 and have an extra screen and nav APIM out of a 2016 Ford Escape (201A with nav option if you know of a current VIN/window sticker lookup tool.) I bought these first but then found a package deal from a Mustang...
  10. Blasted Key Fob!!

    Of course! Let me know if you run into any issues and I'll try my best to help. Enjoy having a meatier feeling key fob with less inadvertent button press key fob! None for me yet in three months!
  11. Blasted Key Fob!!

    The seller I bought from said the same thing, that you wouldn't be able to program the key without professional help and it would only work on the model with the same FCC ID. After I reached out to HizliBullet, he explained and confirmed the button and frequency thing and even sent over a video...
  12. Blasted Key Fob!!

    I have a 2018 key programmed to my 2015. As long as the remote is the same frequency, it can be programmed if you already have two programmed keys. The easiest way to figure out if it's the same frequency is matching the button combo on the keys (5-button VS 4-button, with remote start VS...
  13. OEM Ford accessories: Lighted sill plates UPDATE: Installed

    Even if you have absolutely no electrical tools or equipment, you can pick up everything you need for under $30: 30-40 feet of wire, wire strippers, heat shrinks and/or butt connectors, and terminals (can be a spade or stud terminal, as long as it fits.) You can use any number of connectors, but...
  14. 15-17 Ford TPMS Sensors

    I'll buy the sensors for sure, and I'm going to sleep on some other stuff. Fell free to PM me and I'll reply when I'm in the office. Thanks!
  15. SOLD

    Sending a PM in case this is still available.