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  1. Bullitt decklid panel - anyone replaced it?

    Here is a picture of my Bullitt with the modfied rear deck.
  2. Vote for which 2019 Bullitt Rear Deck Panel you like best.

    Number 3 is without a doubt the best - and thats why i changed my Bullit to that about a year ago.
  3. Footwell lights

    The Australian Bullits are meant to have foot well lighting as standard - my Bullitt has them and they are set to green. There have been some cars sold which didnt and the dealers should be fixing them under warranty. there is a FB page for bullitt owners in Australia - a couple of the member...
  4. Strut tower brace & K brace.

    As far as I am aware all GT's that come to Australia have the K brace fitted as standard. It goes from the firewall across to the strut tower. my 2015 GT had it - and I was able to fit the standard strut tower brace - with a bit of mofication.
  5. Strut Tower Brace (RHD)

    For sale - a genuine OEM strut tower brace for a 2015 - 2019 GT Mustang. This brace has been modified to fit a RHD mustang - and it will sit flat on the strut towers and doesn't touch the K brace. it will improve the ride and handling of any GT Mustang. It is in excellent condition. The cost...
  6. My new Bullitt

    Here are a few pics of my new Bullitt...
  7. Aussie Number Plates

    At least someone noticed it... when I pointed it out to the Wife - she said "what was it like before..?? "
  8. Aussie Number Plates

    here's mine..
  9. Bullitt Production Numbers

    I think you will find that the 7th digit for the RHD cars is a "V" rather than a "K" P8K: Coupe, BULLITT P8V: Coupe, BULLITT RHD
  10. Bullitt "Dog Bowl" exorcised

    I have just completed updating the rear deck lid... I reckon she now looks much better and given the reduction in both weight and air resistance - might even go a bit
  11. Bullitt Production Numbers

    not all Bullitts are "55xxxx" there are some that start with 51xxxx - including mine... which is "1FA6P8V01K5110337"
  12. Vanity Plates Arrived.....

    I was lucky enought to get this for my rego number.
  13. What's your build date?

    K1121 28/08/2018 (28th of August)
  14. 2018 Mounting a Licence Plate

    I have found Craig's custom no drill bracket works really well. I like the way you can remove it quickly when needed. I used it on my 2015 Mustang for over 2 years with no issues and will be installing it on my new Bullitt Mustang.
  15. Bullitt "Dog Bowl" exorcised

    As soon as I saw this - I liked it. I've ordered the parts and this will be the frist of the few mods that I am planning to do. (install the Bullit tower brace and redline hood supports)
  16. Bullitt Production Numbers

    Phil, did the brace fit without any need to "adjust" it ie grinding it ?

    That fuel sticker says to use E10 ???

    I would be interested in getting the Bullit strut tower brace if there was a group buy.

    Congrations on getting your car... well done
  20. 2016 GT Coupe - Manual, Magnetic- with low kms

    Need to sell my 2 year old GT fastback coupe. Build date Aug 2015. It was first registered in January 2016. It's only done 12,900km, still covered by the Ford warranty – and has that new car smell. Located in north west Sydney, Rego is due Jan 2019...