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    help pouring fuel cleaner in gas tank

    I bought this extension to fill my car with e85 from my gas cans at home. The white end fits the filler neck just like the factory funnel does and the other end is a snug fit on the “no spill” spouts that are on my Midwest brand cans. Cheers
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    Check your new upgraded oil pump gears

    I measured my MMR oil pump gear set today and here are the results for anyone interested. I wasn't really surprised but mine seem to be ok. Cheers
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Did you consider that it might fall out while you are driving and damage the car behind you? Maybe it could bounce around and get wedged between your exhaust or starter, melting/shorting to cause an engine fire. I would take the time to get it out if it was my car, but you do you. Cheers
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    nGauge/Flex Tune Noob Questions

    Hi Dave, I would recommend getting an alcohol fuel tester. I bought a test tube type on eBay for $13. I like knowing if station “a” has e70 at the pump or if station “b” has e80. I am not using my flex tune until the gas station starts getting the winter blend of e85 Your flex tune will adapt to...
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    Torque spec needed for rear shock replacement

    Hi, when I changed my rear shock mounts the lower bolts were 35ft/lbs, the upper bolts to body were 66 ft/lbs, and the shock stud was 35 ft/lbs. That is on a 2017. Hope that helps. Cheers
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    Quicker vs. faster

    Rear gear ratios will make a difference. I like the 3.73 in my car but I don’t know how well your boosted car would hook up. Cheers
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    I don't know where this goes...

    The description says b pillar mount. Cheers
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    Tune adjustments - Looking for advice

    Hi, If changing those two things makes you feel better, it is certainly worth sending an email to find out if they can do it for you. While driving I can't even tell if my fans or on or not. As long as the car stays within the normal operating range it's happy and I'm happy. I do hit the limiter...
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    'Eleanor' Mustang Tribute Build Seized by Gone in 60 Seconds Trademark Holder

    He should make a new Youtube channel "C is for confiscate". haha
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    Pennsylvania Steeda subframe alignment kit 555-4438

    $30 shipped 48 state u.s.. Pick up local to 17042 $25. Thanks
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    Rear Cradle alignment kit dimentions.

    Hi, I have the steeda kit 555-4438. Front 68.5 mm long. O.D 30.7mm Rear 72.2mm long O.D 28mm. I.D for all is 14mm, except on one end of each 15.1mm to a depth of 12mm.Hope that helps
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    Just found out my car has a Lemon/Manufactorer buyback

    Hi Mark Ask the person trying to sell it to you why it has that notation. I would not want a car that had to be so much of a problem to get a notation and furthermore would be highly suspicious of some one trying to sell that problem car to someone else.
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    Measurement on door to floor

    33 inches and yes that is the part of the door that hits first I hope that helps you.
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    GT 2018 PP Wheels 2-19x9 2-19x9.5!!!! SOLD!!!!

    Actually, never mind. I’m going to look for some that are closer to me.Thanks anyway and good luck.
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    GT 2018 PP Wheels 2-19x9 2-19x9.5!!!! SOLD!!!!

    Could you please pm me a shipping price to 17087. Where in Ohio are you for a pick- up in person?
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    Any advice on getting this stock collar off the shifter boot in place of a one piece collar?

    Maybe a knife heated with a flame could melt though the plastic. Might take a few tries. I don’t really know, I used a hacksaw blade on mine.
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Updated sync to version 3. I had to use a usb drive because the garage is too far from the WiFi router.