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  1. D!*%head mustang guy

    driving home on a curvy rural road yesterday afternoon in my Mustang. it's sunny but a little cool and the road is very curvy with a speed limit of 35 mph and it's a road that county sheriff deputies use to get to and from the Sheriffs office/jail. I see another S550 run a stop sign and hurry up...
  2. My neglected 5.0

    My Mustang is severely neglected. I drive a company vehicle to and from work, When ever we go out together we take my wifes Camry because it's more comfortable and she likes it better. I have a classic car that has to occupy the garage as mandated by my classic car insurance company. the end...
  3. Time to make a choice and get off the pot.

    I have a 2018 GT with A10 and PP. I bought this car intending to go supercharger. I was leaning heavily towards the Whipple kit and then as I was waiting to get some miles on the car Hellion had to make the choice harder with their street sleeper kit. These two are my top choices at the moment...
  4. what color 2018 Mustang do you have

    since there are no published numbers from Ford maybe this will give a good idea of how popular colors are
  5. 2018 engine picture thread

    can anybody point me to the thread with the pictures of the new 2018 gen 3 coyote engine torn down? I have looked several times and cant seem to find it.
  6. don't laugh, quieter exhaust system??

    I'm one of those guys that likes a fast quiet car. obviously the 18 Mustang GT is anything but quiet. does anybody have an option for a quiet exhaust system that doesn't choke the car to death? My classic car has a fairly quiet system and still makes over 500 hp which makes for an awesome...
  7. This is why i could never buy a 6th gen Camaro

    doesn't matter how fast they are or how cheap they are, I just cant get past the awkward styling in this area of the car.
  8. If only Ford would bring this color back

    I would buy a 19 GT in a heartbeat if they brought back GHIG.. it looks awesome in the sun.
  9. 2018 PP A10 brake issue

    I mentioned this a while back. my PP brakes do not feel like they are right. when i come to a stop i can feel the transmission downshifting and it feels like the car is not stopping well because of what feels like a slight increase in engine rpms with each downshift. this makes the car feel as...
  10. what is the going rate for a whipple or Roush install on a 15-18 GT

    talked to a buddy who's a service advisor at a large ford dealership and he told me they charge 11 grand for a Roush stage 1 installed. I figured he was just shooting from the hip on the price so i stopped at my local ford Dealer and they want 11,500 for a stage 1 installed. is $3500 right for...
  11. The S550 Mustang evaporator coil issue

    I'm wondering if anybody has compared part numbers for the evap coils from 2015-2018 to see if Ford is even trying to remedy the issue. different part numbers would at least indicate they are trying. found this in the evap thread
  12. can rev match be turned off

    i figured out what is causing my issue with my 2018 A10 car when coming to a stop. it always felt like the car was initially pushing forward briefly when coming to a stop. today i figured out it bumps the rpm when automatically downshifting and coming to a stop and i don't like it. can it be...
  13. launch control on 6 spd only?

    from everything i can find it looks like Ford only put launch control on the manual trans cars. is this right? I'm not finding much said about it in the owners manual
  14. my impressions of 2018 GT after 1 week ownership

    so a week ago today i traded in my 2016 Scat Pack challenger loaded with A8 for a 2018 Mustang GT with A10 301A and PP. I owned the Challenger for 2 1/2 years and put 3500 miles on it in that time. Exterior and interior The paint quality and fit and finish is far better than my Challenger...
  15. 2018 301A package come with android auto?

    trying to figure out how to use android auto and cant find the android auto enable button in sync display. i don't have an android auto icon. this is my current version of Sync3
  16. whats the best way to deal with this?

    om my initial inspection before purchasing my car i noted a chip down to primer and a couple scuffs near the chip, dealer put in writing they would repair and also give the car a simoniz glasscoat treatment. I am thinking i do not want them to repaint the entire fender which is what they were...
  17. ever see a window sticker like this?

    the online window sticker for me GT was normal. when i got to the dealership top look at the car this was in the glove box. they said they had to sit on the car for a while until the car was ok'd by Ford to be sold. I've never ran across this before.
  18. OEM PP tires?

    are these better than the 3 season P Zeros that came on my 2013 track pack GT?
  19. tough choice here. opinions?

    coming down to the wire, have approval from the wife to trade in the Dodge for a 2018 GT, have it narrowed down to 2 local cars. links to both window stickers below. I have offers from both dealers within $100 of each other and both at $39000. not sure which one is the best choice. does the PP...
  20. The local Ford dealer trying to tempt me

    Salesman at the local ford Dealer sent me this pic today trying to get me on the lot.. i'm still negotiating with the wife to justify trading in a 2 yr old car with 3300 miles.. she just doesn't understand