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  1. IMRC delete? I need your old parts!

    Did someone do an IMRC delete and they still have the good working parts laying around? I got codes for the flaps stuck open and doing a mani swap is just not possible at this time. My 15 is my daily and working 2 jobs only gives me the weekend to work on it, so before I go pulling stuff off I...
  2. N. Alabama - Reputable/Knowledgeable Mechanic or Shop?

    I have always worried about who I let stick their tool in my ride. A third folks out there have only an idea about what they are doing, another third is only looking for a big paycheck, and the last third are folks you can rely on. Who knows some good shops in the N Alabama area? I may soon need...
  3. Clutch pedal travel

    I have noticed that lately here my clutch pedal has a strange feel when its about half way. When i press down or release at the half way point it feels like its hanging. Anybody heard of this issue? It comes up and goes down fine, excluding the few times where I dont think the pedal came all the...
  4. Bike rack for your pony?

    So hitting up Google news this morning and in my "all stuff Mustang" section I found this. http://www.autoblog.com/2017/07/10/ford-patent-integrated-bike-rack-mustang/
  5. How long is your J-pipe / HelmHoltz resonator?

    So drone has become a hot topic lately. Figured I would start a thread for people to list EXACTLY what exhaust they have and how long of a J-pipe / HelmHoltz resonator they put on to stop the drone for an easy reference for others. :ford:
  6. Spline Drive Spike Lug Nuts

    I am trying to find a company that carries black spline drive spiked lugs. I would assume they do not have to be model specific as in made for a Mustang and only ... the style ... pitch of thread .... angle of the seat ... and maybe max torque settings, would be the determining factor. Is there...
  7. DiabloSport Predator?

    So I was given a DiabloSport Predator tuner. Is there any way to use this with a 15GT?