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  1. Staying busy

    Home for the duration of the pandemic, gotta stay busy!
  2. Pandemic

    Want to watch something that’ll really blow your mind? There’s a documentary called “The Coming Pandemic” made in 2005, it’s 55 minutes long. I caught it on my Amazon Fire Stick and in eerily parallels what is going on now with Covid19.
  3. New Shoes!

    Just wanted to share!
  4. Tomei TI exhaust

    This recently caught my eye. Turbotiger604 is the the only one I’m aware of that runs this exhaust. Could you kinda give me a rundown as far as sound, drone, loudness, with/without downpipe. Your thoughts etc.....I’ve read the reviews, just trying to get a better picture.
  5. Best “bang for the buck“ coil overs on a budget.

    Afternoon everyone. As we all know the stock S550 strut/shock/spring set up is not really performance oriented, even the PP set up on my 17 GT leaves a lot to be desired. We all know the PP is bouncy and nosedives on braking. Here at the shop I’ve been able to test some coilovers from...
  6. 18” Wheels on PP for the budget minded.

    First off I’m sure the mods will move this to another forum, but I thought sticking it here in “general” would draw the most attention. There are those of us that don’t; want the cookie cutter look, don’t like huge wheels, don’t have big money to mod the cars we love. So this is the first...
  7. Tire Dressing

    Everybody likes their tires nice and black. Question I have, is there a tire dressing that makes the tires look good, but doesn’t turn them into banana peels as soon as they get wet?
  8. New PP brake pads

    Did a search didn’t come up with a sure-fire answer, my car is a 17 GT / PP Brembo’s the car is a street car, stock pads are horrible with brake dust, is there a replacement pad that has comparable performance but less brake dust?
  9. Today’s car guys vs yesterdays car guys?

    No bashing anyone, just want to know! I’m 55 and have gone fast pretty much all my life in several different cars, from different makers, starting with Ford, going through imports, chevys and for the last several years back to ford, where I’ll stay. I’m struggling a little with how to put...
  10. Virginia WTB 2017 GT rear seat delete or trade

    Want buy a rear seat delete out right or I’ll trade you my rear seat for it, never been sat in, never smoked in, and only have 1810 miles on the car.
  11. Standard radio reception

    I’ve got a question, my car is a 17 Mustang GT w/pp, there’s a handful of local radio stations that I enjoy listening to, but that is spoiled by extremely poor reception. Is this a “thing” with these cars? Or is it possible the exterior antenna was not connected at the factory? I have searched...
  12. Need a little help!

    I have these Centerline Telstar in 18” that I’d really like to use on my 17 GT, problem is the fronts sit out entirely too much with wheel spacers required to clear the Brembos. Question is does anyone make a similar wheel design that’ll will match the “look” of the Centerlines? Centerline...