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  1. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    Electric is going to win the power wars very soon. It is what it is… Some of you older members will remember the AFX HO slot cars…? Made you dizzy to watch how fast they went. Lol…
  2. any one running an E85 gauge to show how good the E in the car is?

    I had my tuner tune for the E85 I got at the station I used. The power difference between e70-e85 is minuscule… Don’t sweat it.
  3. First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Cool for sure. At what total cost did it take to run 8’s? RJames is in the 7’s for way less. I can build a rail and run 8’s for cheap. lol.
  4. Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    The monitoring and data sharing will only multiply by 1000’s of times in next 5-10 years. Your future insurance policy is going to be connected to your cars information on how you drive. lol...
  5. 2020 Shelby GT500 has arrived in Forza Horizon 4

    Forza Motorsport 7 is the most realistic too me. Forza Horizon is to arcade smash and bash.
  6. Dealers with 2021 mustangs

    I disagree... lol.
  7. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    Sent you pm. Thanks
  8. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    I am the original owner of this programmer. I cannot see the preloaded SCT tunes because I no longer have the car to plug into. The unit shows 2 more unlocks left when plugged into my laptop. I personally would recommend getting a custom tune for 150-200 bucks. Hope this helps?
  9. Quick E85 question

    First off, tuning does NOT void your warranty. Ford ecu/tcu’s do NOT record nor show TD1’s. The way Ford can detect a tune is a blown engine on a car with 25,000 miles that has one key count on ecu. That is not possible. That shows one engine run since new or ecu flash. If the ecu is not on...
  10. Quick E85 question

    3 to 4 gallons of E on stock tune will not hurt a thing. I logged it and you get more timing. Gas mileage will go down though.
  11. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    You would think Ford would have tsb’d those intake cam phasers by now. Mine were replaced in May 19 by the same shitty parts I’m sure. lol.
  12. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    I believe there are 19’s out there with same issues. Wonder when they switched to newer solenoids?
  13. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    https://www.sctflash.com/products/sct-category-tuners/sctbdx *I never ran the SCT tunes so I have no info on those. Paypal only.
  14. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    Yes, I returned my car to stock before I traded it. That means it is unlocked.
  15. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    It is actually the intake cam phasers suddenly reverting to 0 degrees (watch on ford scanner) causing the rough idle and stall. Tech watched it happen.
  16. 18-19 Mustang Gt issues

    2018 idle stall issues. Dealer replaced intake cam phasers. Did not fix issue. fyi. Service advisor is telling me basically to live with it. lol. Car sold.
  17. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    I had my cam phasers replaced around 5k miles. Seemed to fix issue only for 3k miles. The idle issue came back. It has died a couple more times. Just sold car @ 12k miles. Good luck fellers. ;).
  18. 19 6spd GT vs. New Explorer ST.

    If the ST had a tune a stock GT would be in trouble from a dig to about 90 mph.
  19. Missouri SCT BDX 2018 up Mustang

    SCT BDX unlocked like new. Uses wifi to receive tunes. All SCT canned tunes. For 2018 Mustang GT’s and up. $220 Paypal to me net (fees paid) shipped Priority mail Conus only.