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  1. MT-82 Class Action Lawsuit

    I traded in a beautiful 2013 Track Pack GT at 2000 miles because of that shitty MT-82. swore never to get a manual Mustang again as long as that was the only manual transmission available
  2. Unpopular Opinion: Rotary Shifter

    most folks dont realize there is no direct mechanical connection between the shifter and the automatic transmission in cars anymore. it's all electric. A rotary switch would take some time to get used to but eventually would feel natural and lead us to use the paddles more.
  3. Angry Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam To Silence Mustang GT's Exhaust

    my response to that spray foam stunt would be to stuff 2 part epoxy in all their keyholes I could find. front door, mailbox, car door. trunk lock etc etc
  4. Is grabber lime to much of a “fad color”

    I never regretted buying a gotta have it green Mustang. in fact my only regret is getting rid of it. in a sea of Black and Blue Mustangs the grabber lime is a nice change
  5. Comments/Opinions on S550 tune, mods A10 3:55 Axle

    I have to agree with GreenS550. on an unmodded 2018 and later there is no need or advantage to getting tuned other than if a person is going E85. now my 2011 and 2013 GT's could have certainly used some enhancing to make the transmission and throttle response better.
  6. anyone driven both a Hellion Twin AND a Whipple?

    I'm agonizing over this same set of choices right now. I like the idea of instant off idle torque of the Whipple and that Beefcake dude has one hell of a deal going on them right now. but I love the concept on the fly adjustability of the Hellion as well as the sleeper portion. nothing like...
  7. Need help with melting wastegate lines

    if the lines are only melting where they are connected to the wastegate then it sounds like the wastegate is getting hot.
  8. What in Earth is this ? [UFO Help]

    did you buy the car at one of those buy here-pay here lots? some places like that install GPS remote kill switches in case you miss yo payment dog
  9. What's your current milage at?

    bought new 2 1/2 years ago and have 4352 miles on it
  10. Slow A10/10R80 fix via tuning?

    lol, not unreasonable at all. ask the many guys who have had warranty denied because of a tune..
  11. Slow A10/10R80 fix via tuning?

    the tune may not have anything to do with a failure but if they find it while going through warranty checkout process it will surely be a factor in warranty coverage. i'd say the risk factor is a bit higher than your estimate.
  12. Slow A10/10R80 fix via tuning?

    are you willing to risk drivetrain warranty just to get faster shifts?
  13. Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    I have an 18 GT PP A10 car that I've owned 2 1/2 years and driven 4400 miles. I miss having an S197 GT and am strongly thinking of dumping the 18 and buying one should I happen to run across the right car.. around here it's rare to see a low mileage 11-14 A6 GT that isnt modded to death. I've...
  14. Thoughts on the new Odin TVS blower making less then Whipple TQ?

    absolutely, Torque is what makes a car fun to drive everywhere but the track
  15. I Hope This Wasn’t One of Our Members!

    i'd be double impressed if the patient could make that bulb light up..lol
  16. What’s more important, 301A or 3.55’s?

    same for me. the 3.55's aren't that important to me but I do like the drive modes, sync 3 and dual climate control.
  17. Former S197 5.0 Owners

    both my 2011 and my 2013 A6 GT ran 12's bone stock without so much as a tire pressure adjustment. the 2011 was faster than the 2013 and that may have been due to the warmer weather when I was racing the 2013. best in the 2011 was a 12.52 if I recall.
  18. Doesn't feel like 460hp...?

    MiktheHun1, sorry to go off course here but I see you also own a 19 Scat Pack Charger. thinking of buying one. does it feel pretty stout compared to the 460 hp GT? i'd assume the off idle torque is phenominal
  19. Technical question about valve noise 2019 S550 PP2

    at 2000-2500 rpm there should be ZERO slack or space causing the lifters or rockers to make the noise he describes,. a solid lifter yes, a Hydraulic NO.
  20. Former S197 5.0 Owners

    he ran a 12.30 something. I tree'd him badly and thats why it he looked so slow