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  1. Giveaway | LED Mustang Tail Lights | FORM Lighting

    I'm in! I really could use a set my passenger side is starting to act up. Fingers crossed!!
  2. DRL mess up

    This might not be exactly what you are looking for but, I had an issue with some DD turn signals that wouldn't work in the daytime until the harness for the DRL part of it was installed...
  3. Tips on how to control yourself when people try to race you?

    I hardly ever get anybody that wants to run em, so I guess I dont have to restrain myself.
  4. Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    It started stumbling when I would just be coasting to a stop when the solenoids had to kick in as the RPMs dropped and it would dip just for a second or two. Then it started when I was just sitting idling and it would even die from time to time. Then it was anytime it had to idle it would be ok...
  5. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    I installed the kit for the driver side over the weekend, I had to much to do to get to both seats. I do notice a cold spot in the middle of my back so I can tell its working (never felt anything before), but that was this morning on my drive into work. I can't say my back gets cold like my ass...
  6. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    These cooled seats are also supposed to cool the backrest not just the assrest.
  7. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    My tracking shows possibly being delivered today. Since the Alabama heat is on a non stop rampage this year I will for sure be working on this over the weekend and will post up if it works. @Dark Side, yea its a little pricey I do completely agree but, since there is no other fix that works...
  8. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    I tried the fix from Darko66 and it just didn't fix it, I am hopeful this will. I will for sure post my results.
  9. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    I searched the net for over an hour and couldnt find the "other" fix kit so I posted in here asking for help. Then of course 5 minutes after posting I stumbled onto the site with the kit. Its up to $200 but if it works then it would be well worth it. I emailed the guy that makes this kit and he...
  10. Cooled seats.. Not really cooling ? For those with Premium

    Since I am in Alabama and it's stupid heat I figured I would pop on here to see if any headway has been made on this issue. I had the TSB done originally and it didnt do squat, I did the fix from Drako66 and all it really did was make it stop blowing hot air and last I looked it actually broke...
  11. Got a Mustang Wallpaper on your desktop? What you running?

    I am a little vein and have a folder of my Mustang's cycling every 15 minutes on 3 monitors. The ones up now are me taking delivery, my 95' that I sold to buy my house, and a dyno run when it was stock.
  12. Smart rear view mirror

    Since its been a couple years and no replies on this thread I might as well bump this thread for attention.
  13. Ice white mustang Taillights

    Collaborate and listen...
  14. Rough idle (RPM constant dropping from 700 to 300) when the AC is on [help]

    No codes? Idle dipping when stopped? Dying when stopped? I'll bet its gonna be the stupid VCT solenoids. Common issue and mileage doesn't matter. I had the issue and it took me months to figure it out. At the time I had only seen 1 random post somewhere just kinda talking about the issue in a...
  15. Clicking sound after replacing rear wheel hub assembly

    Here's the issue. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/bmr-tech-tip-check-those-axle-to-spindle-retaining-nuts.78909/
  16. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Even the 50th AP cars have the non lit sills and the pigtail connectors just sitting there and they are turned off. :(
  17. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Crap, I didnt think about them being on when the door is closed. I would wire it up to change with MyColor but, yea, it will be on when the door is closed and that's no bueno. I was told the dealerships would turn that circuit on for you if needed but, come to find out they were only doing that...
  18. Illiminated Sill Plates

    Still dont have mine running yet. Not sure why I am leery about messing with ForScan but I am, so I am thinking of hardwiring them to the other MyColor LEDs under the dash.
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    H-Pipe w/ stock mufflers - H-Pipe w/ Pype Bombs -