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  1. New 350R HEP owner in NY

    That's a great looking GT350R! I sold my 2022 Mustang ( a car I loved) and bought this 2024 M2 as I've always wanted an M2. I only have a couple hundred miles on it so it's too soon for a side-by-side comparison but once I get the 1,200 mile break-in done I'll write something up. Congrats...
  2. I hate bad old drivers.

    Come on man, we can do them both at the same time!!! (sneaks away before getting flamed...)
  3. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    They have a product that has a similar mix ratio of 10 to 1 called Clean Maker "Jamie The Cleaner" but now that I have both I can make some of my own, too.
  4. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Ha! Love it! I actually have some Absolute that just arrived the other day but never thought of diluting it as a quick detailer. Thanks again 👍
  5. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Great info! Thanks for turning my somewhat confusing post into something understandable lol. One last question; if I'm looking for a quick detailer from any product line what would you recommend? There are many times I'm looking to remove light dust and don't want to go through a complete...
  6. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    @DFB5.0 I love P&S products. I have been using their Paint Gloss and love it and just recently tried Bead Maker followed by Dream Maker. If I understand correctly, Paint Gloss can be used as a quick detailer for removing light dust whereas Bead Maker is a longer lasting paint protectant (...
  7. LMR SVE SP2 vs RTR Tech 5 wheels

    lol!! Not sure what all I will do to it. Got 12 mm spacers coming plus window tint and a small CF spoiler. Maybe a piggyback tune. I did put A/S tires on it. Stayed with the 275/35/19 size in front but put 295/30/20 on the rear ( stock is 285/30/20) It really is an amazing car. I'm going to...
  8. LMR SVE SP2 vs RTR Tech 5 wheels

    Holy 2 year old resurrected post Batman!! lol FWIW I ended up going with the SVE CFX staggered 20's... then sold the car last month and got this. lol
  9. BMW people; what's their obsession with Mustang GT's?

    I considered the M3C as I love that car but I know that I do not drive all that much (had my Mustang for 2 1/2 years and only put 4,600 miles on it LOL) and since it is just her and I (and the dog...who rides in the Mazda!) the coupe was a good choice. I simply love both Mustangs and BMWs. I...
  10. BMW people; what's their obsession with Mustang GT's?

    I have had 8 Mustangs and now I just picked up my 8th BMW, this one being a 2024 M2 with 8 sp auto., carbon fiber roof, etc. I loved my 2022 Mustang GT, but I have always wanted an M car and the deal they offered me was too good to pass up. The BMW is a lot of car for the $70K MSRP and the...
  11. Post pictures of your animals

    Well he does love the life of luxury lol
  12. So I just drove a A10 Mustang GT for the first time

    I love my 2022 GT with an A10 ( Wengerd tuned on E85). I prefer the A10 so I can drive one-handed and keep my right hand free so I can grab Bo-Bo's shirt potatoes on the way to see Beetlejuice .
  13. Best E85 tune.. WHO ?

    I just got a Wengerd E85 tune ( stock but for Steeda ProFlow open air CAI and some tire shine) and so far it's working well. When I first installed it I only ran the 91 down to a point were it took 13.2 gallons of E85 to fill the 16 gallon tank. After data logging they said to run it near...
  14. N/A Engine tune thoughts?

    I just had my stock 2022 with 10R80 tuned by Wengerd through the TDN app and RTD+. Great service and love the tune!
  15. 🚔 2015 GT versus Arkansas State Police

    I quoted his post which was specifically referring to the ASP and not any other state. Thus my comment was directed specifically towards the ASP and not any other state. I’m well aware that different states and jurisdictions within that state have different laws/ rules/policies.