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  1. Beware of Lund

    Last comment: I can now put my nightmare to rest. 😆 All I wanted was a tune that made my car run properly. After reading the Lund Racing page I thought damn these guys will definitely be on point. Of course before they had my money Senior was the perfect PR guy. After I paid my money things...
  2. Beware of Lund

    Yup and heaven forbid if that tried and true cookie cutter tune isn't on point after a couple revisions. Them comes the blame game. It's YOUR CAR they say. I was glad to find this thread because at first I believed them unfortunately. After all that time and money I found this thread and went Oh...
  3. Beware of Lund

    Just wanted to update my issues with tuning Whipple Gen 3 2017 6R80 Car. As said earlier I had an idle misfire, some pedal hesitation, odd bucking on shifting in Sport mode. Also some extended cold start issues. Also was getting revisions that seemed to be for a totally different car. One...
  4. New Tune-Temps

    I'm wondering that since I'm running a modified Whipple tune with there IAT pigtail am I getting my readings from the MAF now?
  5. New Tune-Temps

    Can anyone in here give an informed opinion on what an optimal temp setting would be for the high speed fan? I live in Canada and summer temps are from 60 -90. Reaching a hundred maybe 7 times a year, maybe.
  6. New Tune-Temps

    Oh I get it yeah. Thats the idea but doesn't help when the fans don't even come on. Lol Well last tune I had no temp problems but a lot of other problems which is why I went with a new tune. And now this sh*t. Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so far away.
  7. New Tune-Temps

    Okay thx.
  8. New Tune-Temps

    Yea seems that way.What do you mean by a 'Whippled car cooler'?
  9. New Tune-Temps

    Good call I just let it idle for about 7 mins temps just continued to climb to 207. Then I turned if off. Low speed fan never came on once. There is an IAT2 Sensor on the manifold if that's what you meant. Pic
  10. New Tune-Temps

    He just switched from the Aftermarket pigtail ti the Whipple pigtail I wonder if that's not functioning properly? As far I know he didn't touch anything else when he tuned it. But okay I'll take it in to another shop tomorrow to get it gone over. Tuners are very rare here at least for Whipple...
  11. New Tune-Temps

    I'm sitting at a stop light and watching the temps climb. From 206 up to 217 just sitting at a light. I've never seen this before and it's not even 70 degrees out. Whipple sets the second fan at 223 that seems high to me. I guess if 212 is operating temps I'll get him to lower the second fan a...
  12. New Tune-Temps

    Thx man just wanted confirmation.
  13. New Tune-Temps

    Coolant levels are all good. I've never seen head temps past 209 that's why I'm asking. I told the tuner he wasn't worried about it just said Whipple has a higher fan setting than I'm used to. Consensus is not to worry about it as long as coolant temps are stable and head temps don't keep...
  14. New Tune-Temps

    Just got Dyno tune from a shop in Western Canada. Runs great but having a weird issue that I need some advice on as the shop is closed. And I would like to drive some this weekend. 2017 6R80 Whipple Gen 3, 170 T-Stat Whipple larger HE, Mishimoto Rad Tuner says he used Whipples latest...
  15. Persistent Idle Misfire

    Plus my car is misfiring right from cold start. Thx for the info everything helps.
  16. Persistent Idle Misfire

    I'm listening to what you're saying but I've read in here that when that gasket goes it throws a code but am definitely going to order one. One never knows right? Tried every other bloody thing under the sun. Thx.
  17. Persistent Idle Misfire

    I sent Whipple a video they said it's the three gears in the Throttle body causing this. But from the sound it's probably a little of both. Thx.
  18. Persistent Idle Misfire

    We've pulled and inspected every vacuum line etc and inspected including smoke and brake cleaner test X2. But thx for that all opinions ideas are welcomed.
  19. Persistent Idle Misfire

    Whipple said howling/whistling is from the gears in the Throttle body. Which is okay I don't mind the sound. Whipple said all fuel trims spot on altho a slight variation in idle speed. I think Lund just didn't take enough time to dial in the little shit. Instead blame it on my car like many...