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  1. The Peasants Worship My Car

    I noticed rose petals all around the parking space. I expect this to be a daily occurrence. The plebes have finally acknowledged my car's greatness.
  2. Mods And Warranty

    I've had 0 issues in the past, with mods that I've done and warranty repairs. Steeda suspension mods caused no issue when my rear wheel bearings failed. The dealership just took care of it under warranty. An after-market CAI caused no issue when my intake manifold cracked. The dealership...
  3. Manuals Are Losers

    Just watch it. The GT 10A vs MT82 is discussed. Learn a bit.
  4. 2021 Tan Seats???

    Anyone have them? I'd like to see some good pictures of them. Evidently these are the "Active X" material seats? Only available in an Ecoboost car?? Looks like I'm gonna' hafta' steal some seats out of a 2021 EB;
  5. Where Are The Cool Seat Covers?

    Not pleather ones, or ones you have to rip the seats apart to recover. Just cool looking seat covers that slide over OEM seats but look good? I'd love to brighten the interior a bit. Something in a woven material with some beige/brown going on? Soooo tired of the straight black interior.
  6. Adventures In Oil Changes

    Over about 15 hours I stopped at 5 different places trying to get my oil changed. Mind you, with my own oil and filter. My normal place. A garage near my apartment. A dealership near work. A garage near that dealership. Jiffy Lube. The first 4 couldn't get me taken care of in any reasonable...
  7. Building A 5.0 Coyote Engine For 1000HP; HorsePower TV

    I've been waiting for these guys to get into a built/boosted Coyote motor, and they finally have. Interesting information.
  8. Where's The F@#*&%g Wiper Blades?

    Went to the local dealer, got some generic-fit Motorcraft wipers. None of the stupid little attachment plastic piece options worked on my car. How do we get exactly the same wipers that came on the car? I want the same exact wipers, not some generic, multi-might-fit pieces of crap!!
  9. Wheel Finding Help Please

    I like these OEM options for PP1 cars, I'd like to get a set for my car; Are these made by some after-market company for Ford? I can't even find these wheels on Ford Performance's web site.
  10. Plumbing Help Please

    I know, I know, this is technically Mustang related. But I'm trying to WASH my Mustang, so maybe some plumbing guru member can help. If you can leave this here for a few hours to get some views, that would be great. O.k.....change of idea. We have a "slop sink" with a faucet that has an...
  11. 2021s On The Lots, But No Build & Price Yet

    The heck Ford??? Get yo stuff together!!!!! We can't even see the new colors on the internet yet.
  12. Theoretical Idea

    Put the GT500s DCT in a standard PP1 Mustang GT. The GT500 review I saw pegged it's 0-60MPH at 3.4 seconds. If a 10A GT PP1 car can do 0-60 in 4.0 seconds, I'm thinking a DCT GT PP1 car could do virtually the same time. Thoughts? Arguments?
  13. Drove a 2020 Corvette Yesterday

    At my Cars & Coffee, we got a dude we call Corvette Ed. Because Ed loves him some Corvettes. He ordered his 2020 Corvette day 1, and he received it a few months ago. It's a White 1lt with the only options being some red fender stripes, and the glass (plastic, really) roof panel. The interior is...
  14. Cold Weather Observations

    It's been in the 20s and 30s here, and a few observations DDing the car in the cold weather. 1. The new Michelin PP1 tires work waaaay better than the previous (2015-2017) Pirelli PP1 tires. No popping during the first turns/rotations, which used to scare the crap out of me. 2. The engine...
  15. Some Tests That Would Be Interesting

    I just read this in another thread; This got me thinking.....years ago I had a 2005 GT manual. I lived in SW MI, which got tons of snow, so I had mud & snow tires on it during the winter. My cousin did a little drag race (in my car) against our mutual friend who had a 2010 Camaro SS, one...
  16. Oil Pump/Oil Pressure 18+

    Can someone please give us an explanation of how the 18+ Coyotes vary the oil pressure? I was thinking about it on my drive to work this morning, and couldn't figure out how they did that. When I first noticed my hot engine oil idle PSI was at around 12, it freaked me out. Now I'd like to...
  17. Oil FIlters??

    Yes, I know I shouldn't be asking this here. Yes, I know it's a topic that's had the ever living crap beat out of it. I've got my finger on the "order" button, and just want to be sure I'm not making a mistake. I just need a few fast replies so I can place my order. WIX XP filters are good...
  18. OEM Wiper Blades?? GT350 Shift Knobs??

    Can we Amazon them? I'd like the OEM blades, can someone share the info so I can see if they're on Amazon? My dealership seems a bit spendy on such items.
  19. Colder Temps = DAYYYYUM!!!!

    It's like the old school turbo motors. Once the 100 degree, 178% humidity goes away, this here Coyote dun woke up!!!! I've forgotten what 4KRPM to red-line is supposed to be like. Funny, I started getting annoyed at the suspension, it wasn't feeling as planted as it should. Then I pumped the...
  20. Most Miles We Know OF

    What's the highest mileage 2015+ Coyote we know of? Anyone cracked 100,000+ miles yet? Without any issues?