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  1. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    we didn't want a huge grill so this works out great. they do offer larger cooking area and other options. I don't even have the electronic sparker....just mechanical which works fine as long as pilots are clean.
  2. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    I haven't had to replace anything on it.....yet :whew: just clean the flavoring bars, grill etc and keep covered over the winter. It's ready to go on at a moments notice. This model is BIP 500
  3. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    yes it is.....love it. My son built it in into the patio in 2014. still going strong. we're running natural gas.
  4. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    First grilling since Christmas! I didn't get to clean the outside of grill .....just got those racks clean and those chops grilling! 😀 They were delicious!
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Uncovered it after a week of torrential rain followed up by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake which epicenter was 25 miles from home😃 Took it out for lottery tickets and a drink. Was challenged by a bmw suv while sitting at light. Left him a few car lengths behind. Most importantly I didn’t miss 3rd. 😂
  6. Does Ford Have a Mustang Surprise for the 60th Anniversary?

    I was at that show....this was front and center at the Ford display....GTD Looked great in person eventhough I like S550 better. Full blooded race horse!
  7. 1968 Fastback Build

    We’re refreshing the 69 351W my buddy installed back in late 70s. Going with a holly sniper fuel injection system. Should make close to 450hp when done. Also rebuilding the top loader 4 speed. With the new 3:70 posi it should get out of its own way 😃
  8. 1968 Fastback Build

    My son visited shop today. Here’s some more pics. It’s coming together nicely.
  9. Dealer recommendation - NNJ

    Stay away from Performance Ford in East Hanover.
  10. 1968 Fastback Build

    Shop sent some pics. They’re setting gaps and getting all surfaces prepped. Even the best replacement sheet metal needed some work to fit. Making progress!
  11. I hate bad old drivers.

    That sucks! At least you were able to track her down. Years ago I was at Home Depot with my 06GT and parked away from everyone. Came out after shopping to find a nice dent in driver fender from some AZZ that let their door fly open. I don't own it anymore but can still see that dent!
  12. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Had it outside uncovered during rain storm yesterday. Dryed it off and pulled in garage between rain sessions. Not bad for first “wash” since October 😃 good ole Mother Nature
  13. Decided to ignore winter….. breaking my mustang out of the garage

    68 is off for body and paint so garage is temporarily empty. Got the gtcs in before the 8” of snow fell on Tuesday.
  14. Decided to ignore winter….. breaking my mustang out of the garage

    I used to run my 06GT all year round. First year I had it I almost put it into a tree with only 1'" of snow on ground and all season tires. After that I bought the cheapest set of rims from tire rack and mounted snow only firestones. That and 200lbs of rock salt in trunk did the trick. Did great...
  15. Decided to ignore winter….. breaking my mustang out of the garage

    Same here. Had stang covered for past 3 weeks because of ice, snow and rain. Finally have a decent stretch of clear sunny but cold weather this week. Highs in 40s. I did have to jump start it Saturday morning :frown: but after three days of driving battery seems to be charged back up. It will...
  16. 1968 Fastback Build

    Wound up using Haggerty. They were overall cheaper for 2 year build insurance around $1300.00 They also quoted for finished project around $2000 per year with sentimental clause. other insurers wouldn’t provide that and limited coverage. Also
  17. 1968 Fastback Build

    Grandson helping his dad with steering column install! 😂
  18. 1968 Fastback Build

    Horse is out of the barn! On the way to body shop for finish body work and Ferrari Red top coat! Had to catch on camera 😂
  19. other hobbies/passions other than the mustang?

    I used some of my college financial aide to buy this Les Paul Deluxe new in 1975. Haven’t played in years but looking to start up again soon.