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  1. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    Anyone looking to contact me for setup advice and consult can reach me on my new forum name: Brian@BVK
  2. Ford Performance by Borla Touring Axle-back made the car quieter (2019 GT)?

    No. The emissions components are upstream of the catback, hence the name.
  3. s550 brembo upgrade brake bias

    Yes, I have a full worksheet with all of the data. The end result is a 0.1% change in overall brake bias. The PP MC merely changes the required force at the pedal to induce the same pressures in the system.
  4. Terrible NVH above 5k rpm

    Remove the whiteline insert. You'll be good after that.
  5. 300A "drag" mode tune

    How do you fit in your car with your head being that big and member so small?
  6. 300A "drag" mode tune

    Forum needs a 'laugh' button.
  7. 300A "drag" mode tune

    Maybe a bad set? I say that because the G2 is not known for being that great. Wider tires run at the same pressure does not increase contact patch or longitudinal grip.
  8. 300A "drag" mode tune

    I'm gonna call shenanigans on the PS4S not hooking up on stock or NA bolt on power. User error in some respect (pressures, likely). They're known for hooking up well even with boost.
  9. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    My MMR 19x11s are finally on!
  10. Will 20 inch rims slow me down? Need help

    And the change in springs which was done at the same time...probably the reason for all of it.
  11. 2018+ aFe Momentum GT closed CAI

    Many are 5" where they attach the filter. The important number is the diameter where the MAF sensor is. That affects the transfer function and if significantly off from OEM, will flow different than expected and set a CEL due to more/less downstream O2 than expected.
  12. 2018+ aFe Momentum GT closed CAI

    I was asking for data that shows other no-tune intakes which have smaller than OEM MAF diameters. Take the logical next step, mmkay? :wink: In this case: 15-17 is 85 mm, 18+ is 98 mm.
  13. Will 20 inch rims slow me down? Need help

    Yes, to be fair, if you just < 6/10ths street drive the car you may not notice it, but in any level of performance driving, you will feel the difference in braking, accelerative response, and even in the steering (the higher inertia wheel has more gyro effect). Wheels are very subjective. I...
  14. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    Yep. Manual + well-sorted Sports Coupe = driving nirvana. I'd never trade my "crappy" MT82 for an auto.
  15. Will 20 inch rims slow me down? Need help

    That doesn't make any sense. A staggered setup, all else (tires, pressures) being equal will be less oversteery/tail happy. Something else is different.
  16. Will 20 inch rims slow me down? Need help

    I'd actually argue that you would be able to notice a 1-2 lb heavier wheel that's also got that weight further out (higher rotational inertia). Hard to know for sure, but assuming that the mass is distributed similarly, just at a 10" radius vs 9.5", the 20" wheel weighing only 1 lb more will...
  17. Ride difference between Stock and 285/35/19

    You're in a situation where anything decent is going to be expensive ($180-220) because of the size. Is your car lowered? Do you need an all season?
  18. Ride difference between Stock and 285/35/19

    Whats your tire budget?
  19. Ride difference between Stock and 285/35/19

    It's where the front tires follow road camber/crown pretty aggressively.
  20. Ride difference between Stock and 285/35/19

    Save/wait until you can buy good tires then.