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  1. Wengerd Is the King for Tuning!!

    This man really created an account to make a thread and disappear? Lol
  2. D1X Procharger Question

    I’d assume well over 900. I’d pulley back for sure
  3. Question about online tunes vs local tunes

    If you want a local tune to you then go to Palm Beach Dyno in West Palm Beach......hope you can understand what im trying to say.
  4. Reliable higher HP builds

    started at 8 or so psi, then 10 then 12 now about 15psi. Moved over to E in 2019. I use 5w40 Mobil 1 FS
  5. Reliable higher HP builds

    you might get better answers in the proper forced induction section…but. I’ve been boosted for 7 years. Probably 30+ wot pulls on the stock 2015 motor with OPGs/CS. I try to do the following. 1. frequent oil changes, 1500-2000 miles or 3-4 months. 2. Oil analysis every 2 years or so 3. New...
  6. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    30% is a lot at idle…..I just wanted clarification from Wengerd that he didn’t need to change anything really, that data was put in based on the OPs mods and it worked. People really took it the wrong way because Internet.
  7. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    Wow I’ve never seen anyone bash themselves on a post that was supposed to offend someone else lol
  8. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    It’s ok, we’re tolerant of slow people in this section….unlike the mob mentality of some members when it comes to other tuners. glad OP got his issue corrected and can move on to enjoy his added HP.
  9. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    the part obviously highlighted. The comments I’ve made that could be seen as a defense of Lund is me asking people for any proof they have to back their claims that their tuner is indisputably better or the best. Soft people I guess don’t like to be questioned, they’ve made their own reality and...
  10. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    Irrelevant….i asked a simple question. I haven’t been following every post in the 8 pages, I saw a guy was having an issue and a new tune solved it, so I wanted to know if the issue was known. I don’t know that Cordero idiot nor was his response warranted.
  11. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    lmao who the hell is this bum? lol can’t a person ask what the fix was after an issue went on for almost 10 pages? f outta here with yo stup!dazz.
  12. Angrey's 60-130 lessons learned

    Nice hit for a 555r2 spinning
  13. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    So a known base map that’s probably within a few percent is found to be 30%+ rich to the point car can’t seem to stay on. Was anything actually found to be the issue was was the new base file data slapped with a 30% compensation?
  14. Boost by Gear with OEM Logic

    Ok just making sure I didn’t miss somekthing that’s all….like a reverse pedal commander.
  15. Boost by Gear with OEM Logic

    I see you saying you can “finally go wot in any gear”……but are you really?
  16. 60-130 in Cooler weather

    random numbers. If im gonna use a data point id like it to be precise. More than anything air density online gives you more important things than temperature. Humidity and water grains are way more important than plain ambient temp.
  17. 60-130 in Cooler weather

    I’ve never tested regular tires vs front runners. Honestly most front runner combos aren’t really that light
  18. 60-130 in Cooler weather

    exactly why I don’t like their calculations. I think most of my area is 10-15ft above sea level. Last time on the dyno was low low 800s edited the weather data. I had looking at wrong line. 67* and 56% humidity +500ft