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  1. Installed the Course Motorsports Phone Mount today

    Short post, I love it! I got the MagSafe compatible version.
  2. Anyone have any feedback on Ford's Side Scoops?

    I have some FordPass points to redeem and thought that maybe it was worth picking up a set of the Ford side scoops now that you can use the points on the ford site. Does anyone have any thoughts on them? I know the secure with double sided tape, just wondering if that provides enough adhesion to...
  3. Installed passenger side floor mat retainers today!

    Got the parts (2x - W715014-SS3JA) from Levittown Ford and marked where my WeatherTech Floormats naturally laid. I removed a few trim pieces to get under the carpet to make sure I wasn't cutting into anything. Cut two 1 inch slits one inch apart in the carpet for each retainer. I think it came...
  4. Condensation in drivers fog lamp/turn signal.

    Noticed some condensation in my driver side fog lamp/turn signal today after washing the car yesterday. Just broke 1000 miles on it (it's a 2022). Has anyone experienced this? We have has some pretty wide temp swings too, I will let it go over a few days to see if it clears up. Guessing...
  5. Installed my new to me PP1 wheels and tires on my 2022 today... also just broke 1,000 miles on it!

    Love the way these look! So much nicer than the stock Black Accent Package wheels. Thanks @Saltydog!!
  6. Wheel & Tires - Change from 2022 Black Accent Package to PP1 Wheels & Tires

    Howdy! Does anyone know or can point me towards a post regarding if I would have to have my Speedometer adjusted if I change from the 2022 Black accent Package Tires and Wheels to 2018 Performance Pack Tires and Wheels? Any issues with Brake Caliper Clearance? I tried searching, so I apologize...
  7. Passenger Side Floor Mat Retainers

    Has anyone added these to their passenger side carpet so that floor mats similar to WeatherTech can clip in like the driver side mat does? My 2022 does not have them.
  8. Installed the Ford Performance Cowl and Strut Brace tonight

    My son and I installed the Ford Performance Cowl and Strut Brace tonight on my 2022 GT. It was a super easy install and it did seem to improve the front end feel a bit. Looks nice too!