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  1. Premium vs Regular gas for track day

    Definitely the best octane you can get, no question about it...
  2. Dragy 60-130

    I did an 8 NA back in the day, on the street. just an e85 tune and drag pack and great DA. low 5s now though. I think the DA was like negative 1200
  3. What tire is everyone using to daily supercharged mustang

    Ive tried drag radials and they arent any better on the street than street tires in my experience. Actually in my experience they ball up rubber and are worse. These are ET street R's after some street use. Youll only get a few thousand miles out of them, less if you do burnouts to try to...
  4. I’m on E85 now. I have 25 miles to empty can I just add 93 now ?

    usually want to keep those submerged as much as possible to lessen the heat. Should try to keep a half tank in atleast most of the time, and I wouldnt go WOT below half or 1/3 tank
  5. First parts to fail in engine

    Stay below like 7800 RPM or the rocker arm retaining clips will come off and could cause issues. Also stresses out the fuel system and injectors. Whats your whole setup? I wouldnt even try for more power on a stock motor. Probably should get valve springs etc to prevent valve float.
  6. Abnormal Camshaft Wear

    Replace those bolts with ARP non TTY bolts imo. But as long as you are replacing them after they have been torqued with new TTY bolts and doing it right, they should be fine.
  7. Abnormal Camshaft Wear

    The rocker arm retaining clips on these motors come off easy if you rev high. Yours appear to be missing, which isnt bad since they serve no purpose after installation, but may have caused the issue. I had 8 come off mine and had to replace all cams, redo my heads, also had broken piston...
  8. Bored of my GT

    Modifying can get very expensive and frustrating. I've spent way more than I planned after modifying my car, like 35-40k more than I planned (only like 20k planned), because I broke a cam cap and some piston skirts and had to get an aluminator and my heads redone new cams etc. Then my...
  9. Angrey's 60-130 lessons learned

    Could get in the 4s without that drop off at the end, nice run. Whats your setup? Ive been similar but its different with a 10r80 I have multiple shifts but with a 10r80 I think more shifts actually help like, you actually accelerate harder during a shift. I too notice its hard to get faster...
  10. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    go at least e50 imo. What tune are you even on?
  11. Can't lock up the rear. Normal?

    I am not sure if this is the correct answer for this, but anti-lock braking systems are mandatory on all cars since 2004 in the USA. Maybe they should disqualifying cars if they can lock up the brakes if its a safety inspection. Also traction control and stability control prevent this...
  12. How do your store your service history?

    personally I built a 40,000 foot pyramid and put it in the center tomb.
  13. used drag wheels on fb

    If you arent spinning then you dont need or want drag radials. And if youre running 12.7 I dont think youd spin on a decent track, idk for sure though. Tbrake isnt always better than just footbrake in launches either I think. Overall you may have better gains getting skinnies on the front...
  14. Car feels slower or not as aggressive when accelerating

    Probably could just be mainly because you have better traction. Unless you were dead hooking on the old tires.
  15. Daily with Headers?

    You have to get a valved exhaust system like varex for cold starts to be reasonable without cats and probably even with green cats
  16. Ideal wheel setup for a S550 (Street use) - 19" 305? 20" 305?

    I like 315 35 20s rear and 285 35 20s front. Really fills out the wheel wells and gives a slight rake. Another option that alot of high end cars do is staggered sizes, like 315 35 20 rear and 275 40 19 fronts. These sizes are actually taller than OEM so you will gain ground clearance, and...
  17. Stumbling idle

    VCT solenoids I think. I had this a long time ago.
  18. The price of new tires is getting outrageous.

    I like my general GMAX RS tires better than any of the more expensive tires Ive ran. DWS06+ are good all seasons too
  19. S550 mustang floating at high speeds

    Could be rear axle thrust washer gone bad, somehow this made my car do what you stated in the OP. Only other thing that caused this for me was over inflated drag radials so I was basically running on the center strip only of drag radials. I think both my issues were mainly or only when under...
  20. E85 on limp mode

    Well bama isnt highly regarded, but what are all your mods? The tuner knows of every mod and all information about your car right? 2018+ have port and direct injection, not sure if the tuner could have sent you a file made for 2015-2017 or what but overall this isnt a good sign for the tuner...