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  1. Mud flaps/splash guards

    Hey, I really like those. If I make a switch, I could see getting a full set...maybe even in yellow??? Thanks CVCashmere
  2. Mud flaps/splash guards

    I have the same mudflaps and the same problem. Two of mine are cracked. They were from American Muscle...who dropped them several years ago. Would love to find a similar replacement@@ CVCashmere
  3. "Sound Tube" on S550 GT?

    I did a similar thing using a rubber stopper. Sound tube still in place but non-functioning. It can be reversed, if needed. CVCashmere
  4. rear end swap

    Don't....you will loose the strength of the additional vert frame reinforcements that bolt under the car.
  5. I hate bad old drivers.

    I have reached that age group....sigh. Some of the more violent accidents seem to be cars drifting over the center line without cause. When you look at the age of the drivers, they range from 17-89. Seems distracted driving is a significant cause of major accidents. However, I have seen a...
  6. Heavy GT500 wing and heavy duty trunk struts?

    Hi All: I just thought I would pass along an observation for those people that buy the Steeda trunk struts for cars with no or blade spoilers (such as my vert). In the colder weather, the struts may not open right away because of the nature of the oil hydraulics. I tested my theory in a 35...
  7. Heavy GT500 wing and heavy duty trunk struts?

    I did notice that in cold weather, my Steeda trunk struts also are either slow or just sit there until I give them a nudge. Even in my protected garage this morning, they took a few seconds to open the trunk. I think I will put some slicone lube on the trunk hinges to try and help the struts...
  8. Best mustang convertible edition?

    I made my 2015 special by installing a 2017 PP1 suspension complete with horizontal and vertical trailing arms and sway bars. It's impressive how tight the handling is now. CVCashmere
  9. H-Pipes With 1 or 2 Tube Connectors Between Them?

    Hello All I have a Mitutoyo H-pipe with 1 tube connector joining the 2 pipes. Some H-pipes have 2 tubes connecting the 2 pipes. Is there an advantage for one design over the other? Thanks, CVCashmere
  10. Rear suspension upgrades?

    Hello: I also have a vert. I switched out the vertical and lateral control arms for Ford performance. That was a significant improvement. Ford PP1 shocks also helped. To a lesser degree, PP1 springs and sway bars are a help. Steeds sells bushings for the rear end that help with...
  11. New GT4 Mustangs @ Daytona

    Interesting, I did not see any strut bars or other top end chassis bracing. Any idea why? CVCashmere
  12. "Sound Tube" on S550 GT?

    There is a piece of foam at the end that the sound can travel through, but blocks direct airflow. I left mine on, but put a rubber stopper in it. CVCashmere
  13. Exhaust but then also K Brace question

    Luca1290 provided some great advice. I have the strut bar, upper and lower factory K-brace plus the small firewall reinforcement on my vert. I added the Steeda 2-point lower bar (not the 4-point bar shown) and it works fine plus it was easier to install. Keep asking questions, people on the...
  14. Do we have any mustang events near Philly?

    Hello Cobra Jet: I live in South Jersey and am a member of the South Jersey Mustang Club (MCA affiliate). We have monthly meetings and will have a cruise on Mustang Day, April 17th, Mustang's 60th Birthday. Love to have you come out to a meeting. Here is our website for more info...
  15. How does your dealer react to using Ceratec?

    I would suggest holding off for now. Be conservative. Get the "tick" on record and see if they can check it out. If they find Ceratec in your oil this early, it cause issues with future warranty claims. The problem may be minor or serious. Down the road, if they don't provide answers...
  16. Hood Struts

    Redlines...Easy to install. If I can do it, anyone can do it! CVCashmere
  17. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    Who makes the strut covers you painted and used? They look much better than other versions I have seen! Appreciate the info. thanks CVCashmere
  18. Inclination Sensor

    As part of my local Mustang MCA Club, I was allowed to take one lap on the 26 degree bank at the Monster Mile NASCAR track in Dover DE. Afterwards, I received warnings on my dashboard. I guess it thought I was in a possible rollover and/or accident. Afterwards, It took a several...
  19. Modded Vert?

    Hi Bobby: Yes...Frankenstein is one way to view it, but I prefer "eclectic". Same bottom line. Very different from any other Mustang but yet, it looks 100% Ford stock! What I didn't mention on the outside mods was a 2016 California Special front spoiler, yellow standard calipers (didn't...
  20. S550 mustang floating at high speeds

    Peter I went with a used, complete set of Ford PP1 springs, shocks, sway bars, vertical and horizontal links. However, before spending money, check out the advice from LowPSI, KingKona, etc. They have identified several factors that must be checked first. CVCashmere