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  1. Need tires recommendations

    Continental DWS 06 plus
  2. 2023 Order Timing- What are you hearing on wait times?

    Seems that Ford currently has some good rates compared to other brands. I fear that could change next year.
  3. 2023 Order Timing- What are you hearing on wait times?

    Does anyone know if Ford offers any interest rate protection program for ordered mustangs? I will probably get my 2023 February or March but it appears the current rates expire end of this year.
  4. Palm Beach or Livernois tune for the Mach 1

    I think both would probably give you good results. I have used Livernois in the past and have personally taken a tour of there shop. They are so much more than just a tuner/speed shop. Another thing to think about is distance to the shop. You are in travel distance to Michigan and could use...
  5. So, I took a leap of faith yesterday…

    Tires also play a big role.
  6. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    That would be kind of wild if you weren`t scheduled yet. I put a order in last month and already scheduled for production. Usually its on Thursdays
  7. Inexpensive Mods

    Seeing how the manufacturer is the one who pays for the repairs not the dealership. I do wonder how these dealerships warranty cars that have your tunes. Maybe there just hasn`t been a major failure yet to test the system. I know when you have a complete engine failure Ford will check for a...
  8. Inexpensive Mods

    There are so many reported cases on different car forums of dealerships not doing this though. And the problem is if a dealership/manufacturer refuses to fix something legal action is required. The warranty protection acts are not enforced by police. You will be hiring a lawyer and you car will...
  9. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    no where is it recommendation to change your oil at 500 miles. Its once a year or 5-7k miles depending on how you drive the car. Personally I change the oil when the car says so and if my engine blows up Ford can pay the bill.
  10. New 2022 GT500 For Sale

    Either there needs to be a agreement stopping them from selling above MSRP or Ford just needs to have supply meet demand. Even if Ford jacked up the prices on their end dealerships will also jack up the prices for us. The problem is 100% production numbers. If Ford literally made a car for...
  11. So, I took a leap of faith yesterday…

    I totally agree with this. The MACH 1 is good to go from factory. A lot of lessor optioned mustang GT models always feels like something is missing.
  12. Bad day/ good outcome

    Yea I totally agree, get a extended warranty. The GT350 is like nothing else on the market.
  13. Car Repos on the Rise

    I have always thought nuclear power is the answer, even with the risks involved.
  14. Car Repos on the Rise

    Its really going to be a bait and switch type of situation though. We are moving to electric cars because they CAN be more environmental friendly if done correctly. Electricity being so much cheaper is just a short term byproduct. Eventually in time I expect the price of electricity to go up...
  15. Purchasing GT or Mach 1 this weekend!

    You could also trailer it home with your truck. That`s what I will be doing when my 2023 is ready for pickup. I just don`t want to deal with shipping company and problems that could happen.
  16. Slow Car fast..... Fast Car slow............ Age old Dilemma

    A lot of the fun for me comes the sound of the exhaust. I love giving it little gas and hearing the little pops coming from the exhaust.
  17. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Do you get a lot of attention with that car in Italy? I feel like something like this has got to be rare.
  18. Car Repos on the Rise

    The point being that is not a main driver for inflation or interest rates today. Its something that just started to happen over the last decade.
  19. Car Repos on the Rise

    ahh I see what you are talking about. Your talking about the actual linkage not being respected, not the dollar itself. I know exactly what you are talking about. Yes that is a big problem and you are correct the world is probably moving away from the petrol dollar sooner or later. This will...