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  1. How do you clean under the hood? Isn’t there wiring under there that can’t get wet ?

    THIS!!! A little and often rather than a lot and less often. I wipe the engine bay after each wash, this only takes about 2 minutes and is a great chance to check the oil and fluids while you are at it. THIS!! If you find the plastic bag is being moved by the pressure of the hose, then...
  2. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Well, it got the better of me! I had the local Ford dealer find the correct part, which was ordered late yesterday and was at the parts department by 9am this morning. Can't beat that for turnaround, not to mention not paying for shipping.
  3. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I was one of Detailing Shed's first customers going back a number of years now, something like 2017 or there abouts. From what I have learned, the owner started it up as a side hustle, but as Covid hit, the business went nuts and he had to quit his day job and run the side hustle full time. They...
  4. Rupes HLR Battery Polishers

    Nothing wrong with the LHR 15, it's still a benchmark polisher and one that will serve you for decades.
  5. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    After a short break, I'm again providing blog posts for Detailing Shed. While these are not credited with my name, rather the business owner, I wrote and collaborated with the team to arrive at the final result. The latest post is a Bilt Hamber range overview. While I could easily write...
  6. How do you clean under the hood? Isn’t there wiring under there that can’t get wet ?

    I authored the thread linked below which shows two different engine bay cleaning methods, one using water and a hose, one water-less. Engine Bay Cleaning and Detailing | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  7. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    My new Rupes turned up today! :rockon: The first thing you notice is how light the unit is, with or without the battery. It's also butter smooth, lacking the clattery wind down of my ShineMate's. More detail here - Rupes HLR Battery Polishers | 2015+ S550...
  8. Rupes HLR Battery Polishers

    Introduction to the Rupes HLR 15 Unveiled at SEMA late last year, Rupes finally uncovered their take on a battery powered 5 and 6-inch polisher. New BigFoot iBrid Polishers HLR21 HLR15 - Rupes tools While Rupes led the industry with the iBrid Nano machines, it took them a while to bring...
  9. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    My second set of Knipex arrived today, this time the 38 25 200 - Mechanics' Pliers | KNIPEX Knipex 38 25 200 Mechanics' Pliers Chrome Plated with Multi-Component Grips, 200 mm : Amazon.com.au: Home Improvement
  10. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Wildtrak Seat Trim Replacement Some time ago, the drivers side seat base trim valance on the Wildtrak broke. From memory, the XLT that this car replaced also did the same, so I’m pretty sure this is a common failure part. From what I can tell, the way the trim is shaped and attached to...
  11. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I think if you already have the Milwaukee, I wouldn't be rushing into the new Rupes. I would have bought the Milwaukee already if they offered the 15mm 5-inch here in Australia. For whatever reason, only the 21mm 6-inch is available here. I'm still waiting for my unit to arrive, which I plan...
  12. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I've looked at it a few times, but never pulled the trigger on the 3" IBRID. At the moment I have the battery powered ShineMate EB351 3-inch, and the Rupes LHR 75 Pneumatic. The ShineMate 3-inch shares the same body as the 5-inch machine, so you end up with quite a bulky unit for the pad size...
  13. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I'm currently leaning towards the HLR 75, how is for torque and pad stall?
  14. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I'm coming from battery powered ShineMate's, which I had adapted to holding the machine by the battery, so hopefully that will translate to the Rupes and mitigate the battery to paint contact issue. I also just watched a video where the user had it running with a Rupes blue Coarse Wool...
  15. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Having just ordered one, I would love to hear your thoughts on the new Rupes HLR 15 I can in the third photo.
  16. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Well....................................:wink: https://www.waxit.com.au/collections/rupes/products/rupes-hlr15-15mm-dual-action-cordless-polisher?variant=41203946258521 https://www.waxit.com.au/collections/rupes/products/rupes-hlr21-21mm-kit-dual-action-cordless-polisher?variant=41205018525785
  17. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    The first of two Knipex tools I ordered, and my first interaction with this brand. Knipex 31 15 160 Flat Nose Pliers - Knipex 31 15 160 Flat Nose Pliers (Needle-Nose Pliers) Chrome Plated with Multi-Component Grips, 160 mm : Amazon.com.au: Home Improvement Flat Nose Pliers (Needle-Nose...
  18. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I've been told the spray wax is terrible. The others I haven't had access to yet.
  19. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    If I can get past that barrier, so can you! The thing is, you pick your mark with rinse-less. If the car is properly dirty, then obviously using soap and water is a natural choice. If you are just washing off the dust and maybe a stray bug or two, rinse-less can be a very useful skill to have...