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  1. 30% mix - fueling experts chime in

    This year I'm going to do the E30 blend (91 octane plus One Ethanol S) The trims should handle 30% no problemo, correct ? Gen 3 Intake + stock gen 2 injectors if that matters. Thanks.
  2. Service advance track BS

    service AT, ABS, hill assist, steering, blah blah all lit up. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes not. Came after I notices a LR metallic clanging noise. So whats the typical culprits ? ABS ring ? Thanks.
  3. Best E85 tune.. WHO ?

    For the strictly E85 users (no flex, not interested). I'm going to bite the bullet and buy e85 by the barrel ( no pump e85 here ). Got the LU47 injectors (required when going ethanol when using gen3 intake on gen2 engine), and a BAP. Also, NO hpTuners device, RDT or whatever it's called. SCT...
  4. Canada - Manitoba WTB 15-17 Roush Supercharger (complete)

    15-17 Roush Supercharger that came on 15-17 Roush Mustang GT (no piecemeal, has to be complete). Thanks.
  5. My Buddy, Me, & TESLA model X

    We beat up on that Model X pretty good last night. From a dig & roll ha-ha. Forgot to mention the model X plates said " GAZ LOL ".
  6. Functional canards front/rear diffuser

    Not looking for cosmetics.. I'm looking for functionality. Any recommendations ? Thanks.
  7. Aston Martin Valour

    TT V-12, manual transmission ! https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1140165_2024-aston-martin-valour-revealed
  8. My 'new' 74 Chevy Laguna Type S-3

    Recently got this rusty beauty, 1974 Laguna type S-3. My God the metal work needed. Roof shot. Interior is more shredded than a hooker at a shiners convention, haha. 5 year project for sure Gonna go LS3/700R4 12 bolt 4.56 gear. Also gonna go Black vinyl top, black body, black interior. love the...
  9. Say what ? DARKHORSE weight

    Apparently, according to C&D, 4000lbs (for you exact weight guys out there 3992.572lbs) without the driver with less than a 1/4 tank of gasoline in it. So much for that 500 HP.
  10. P170A

    FORScan picked it up, says 'clutch switch sensor out of range' or something to that effect. I guess replace it ? Simple as that ? Thanks.
  11. Check those axle nuts Part 2

    Since the original thread is closed.. 2 years after doing my gear swap, and replacing the nuts with new ones, I decided to take my wheels off to clean and detail them. Should say I also marked the nut to the shaft. Anyways, passenger side didn't move at all. Driver side however, the mark moved...
  12. Camaro sales up 110%

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/chevy-camaro-sales-spike-110-ahead-of-muscle-cars-demise Can hardly wait to see the 2024 Mustang sales numbers.
  13. A whole bunch on p-codes lol

    p0010 p0013 p0020 p0023 p0135 p0141 p0155 p0161 p0443 p0446 Camshaft / o2 / evap codes. cleared them, all came back. A/F stuck at 14.0 so what the heck is going on here lol. Thanks.
  14. S650 price increased again

    So the price of my 2017 just went up too lol https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1139566_2024-ford-mustang-gt-dark-horse-see-price-increases
  15. -40mm & +10mm width tires

    So last year my shoes were FF INDY 500 245/45R19 fronts, 325/30R19 rears. Thought the handling was great. This year I decided to change it up a bit. So I went FF INDY 500 255/40R19 fronts, 285/35R19 rears. WOW. Handling is soooooo much better. Like, ultra responsive. And much more grippy. So...
  16. GT350 vs some sort of BMW M-series

    Let my tell ya.. the beemer handed that GT350 it's butt. On the funnier side, both got flashed from a photoradar car. The beemer for winning, then the gt350 for the flyby.
  17. 2024 Darkhorse (tremec) vs 2023 Camaro ZL1 (tremec)

    They're similarly priced. Drag strip ~ ZL1 Road course ~ ZL1 Street ~ ZL1 Street manners ~ Darkhorse Price ~ Though a little more expensive ZL1 IMO The ZL1 is the full meal deal. IMO The Darkhorse is a Hamburger combo that's missing the fries.