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  1. 0-60 Times Manual 6 Speed and 10 Speed auto

    in drag mode hold traction control toggle for 10 sec turn off the intervention or it will hold back and short shift and even pause /nose over and take off again it really hurts your times ..got 4.0 on my 18 PP A10 in drag mode on street this is how i do it . also drive car get tires warm about...
  2. Centrifugal supercharger

    i have had multiple cars with all of these blowers !!! just my opinion here Vortech is my go to for a centrifigul i never broke one of those head units and always ran them past there recomended rpm always made great power too and Iats were always great , had a novi1500 and 2200 both blower head...

    Dont be sorry thats great for you!! thanks for the reply .

    is the car still Available !!
  5. Alabama 2019 Hellion TT Mustang Gt 10r80 with 13k miles and 401a package

    Is it tuned for E85 or 93 - what are the 3 maps and Approximate power levels >thanks !!
  6. Sneak Peak at the All New GT7-S Forged Wheel - Inspired by the New Mustang GT500

    any pics of say hyper silver gt7-s on a car or off- black looks great but a bit played out now and i have a crimson pearl that could use some pop off the wheels .
  7. New 6.8 v8

    all i know is if they put a 6.8L in a mustang GT it better spin to 7500-8000rpm or its Junk !!!i had a 16 A8 camaro SS that ran good but it hit the wall @ 6100 rpm and my hellcat allthough fast it too only pulls to 6k .My 18 A10 PP Mustang is what I ditched the camaro for and let me say for the...
  8. Low oil pressure warning 300 miles after oil change

    only use motorcraft filters ,you have a colapsed filter and are starving the car for oil ...
  9. 2021 gt fastback manual pp1 301A?

    I personally loved the MT-82 in my 2012 GT PP1 but the one in my 19 Bullitt was Trash - not that it shifted bad but the gear ratios of the MT-82 D4 are total rubbish !!! i sold the car with 900 miles s it made the car feel lazy compared to my 18 GT PP1 10 speed .
  10. Turbo Owners Running Cats - Which Brand Holds Up?

    same cats on demon 840 hp !!! on race gas- factory Emissions warrantee 10 yrs 100k
  11. Turbo Owners Running Cats - Which Brand Holds Up?

    i would grab a pair of Hellcat cats they have held up well on both of my hellcats and they are supposedly good to EGTs of 1900
  12. Poll for Auto guys: which mode do you drive around in all day.

    Normal and drag mode with shifter in D . drag mode is pure scary car likes to steer itself on the 3rd and 4th gear shift !! got to pay attention
  13. Vortech Kit questions

    would love to know this myself !!!
  14. Paxton in rough shape

    been through this 2 times in 3000 miles with a paxton Novi 1500 head unit .mine fortunately made terrible noise started to seize and burned up and shreaded the belt both times before breaking the impeller blades . Yes it was bearing falure 2x and also a friend of mine copied my combo exactly and...
  15. Anyone else missing their stick shift?! Looking into the PP2 (How much?)

    Totally agreed sold my 19 Bullitt thank god I have an 18 A10 also that’s the real keeper
  16. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    Trust me its not JUST a few tenths driving a 18+ manual 5.0 is like the equivelent performance of a 2020 Hi-po 10 spd ecoboost !!! Lmao
  17. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    paddleing this car in sport mode can rev match and is just as quick and entertaining as any manual i have owned and 90% of the 50 cars i owned were manuals up untill 2015 .now the 8-10 speeds are so good from drag race to road race i wont look back and there is less maintenance /clutch pressure...
  18. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    lets just say flex tune and 4.09s is still not as much fun as my A10 11.91 119.2 mph stock ..or i would have kept it ...ford should have left the ratios as they were and stuck 4.09s in it that car would have been better off .. the proper rear to make it similar to a 10 speed would be 4.30s...
  19. Trading in a 2018 10spd for 2020 6spd

    DONT DO IT !!! I Have an 18 A10 PP royal crimson and i had for 7 months a 19 Bullitt 6 spd at the same time ...I just got rid of the Bullitt not that the car wasnt beautiful or cool or great in many ways but IT was a PIG compared to the 10 SPEED and in my opinion the MT82 is much better prior...
  20. Oregon 2017 Whipple Ford Mustang GT($34,000)SOLD

    I just sold my 19 Bullitt. For a 19 Hellcat good luck with the sale