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  1. Front Floor Mats

    I have a set of Husky rubber matts that are great for beach trips but not comfortable barefooted on long trips for my 2021 Convertible? Has anybody found a good set of carpet matts that like? Don't need it to say Mustang or anything just a good quality softer matt. Thanks
  2. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    Learned so much here so far, used Gyeon Pure on my Red 2021 Convertible and also my sons Blue accord. Have a friend who has a 2020 Black challenger ( 480 HP one ) and I told him I would help him do a minor paint correction ( been garage kept so looks decent ) and a coating but not sure which...
  3. Better/modern armor all for dash?

    What's a good common ( walmart etc ) product to use on dash and door panels. I didn't like the super shinny look but want something with a semi-shine look and also keep it from drying up. Thanks in advance
  4. Tasca set a new world record in his mustang

    I know its " not" a real Mustang but 341 mph in a 1000 ft is almost as fast as my Ecoboost
  5. P&S Bead maker

    Learned about it here but wanted to post a quick update and say this stuff is insane...Just washed and did my wifes 8 year old Rogue and its insane. You can see yourself in detail and it fells like glass. If you haven't tried it you should, I also mixed it with 10% dream maker and used Dream...
  6. Best way to remove minor car wash scratches

    I bought a race red 2021 Convertible Ecoboost that is in decent shape. I looked for about 6 months before finding one that wasn't abused. It was a rental go guessing it went through a bunch of car washes that weren't the best maintained. No major scratches but if I look close I see lite...
  7. Replacing rear speakers

    Thought I would ask in the Convertible forum vs electronic one first I have a 2021 Ecoboost Convertible and have no huge complaints on the stereo sound but wondering if replacing the rear speakers would help. Mainly because they look super easy to swap :) If so what brand/model did you use?