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  1. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    my first time on a track this week end at Montlhery, France historical speedway #usmotorshow we had all ESC errors due to the banking even in track mode, the banking is making the electronics completly lost. it should be fully disabled Anyway we enjoyed it a lot , but first time diving from...

    here is mine euro GT MY2019, ceramic seats and dual narrow white stripes.
  3. 19 With less than 5k Miles Issues

    Hi, i m not mecanic expert , but given the number of alarms , malfuntions, you have an electrical problem, wiring and/or cpu/mb . Only Ford can make the right diagnosis, and of course it will be covered by the warranty.
  4. Official 6G Shift knob pics thread

    Hi all , just added a white bullitt like knob from AM on my2019 mustang to match the ceramic seats color
  5. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    hi all , even if i have not the bbq tick but i have the 2k rattle . Checked my oil level , it was at 1/4, i added half a liter to reach 3/4. And now my rattle is almost gone. Would it be possible that oil level change also the tick noise , helping cylinder surface lubrification? anyone did some...
  6. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    good news , so not the same sensor replaced, they have a quality problem on heat sensors parts it seems.
  7. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    i did not have oscillating values like yours. The values on cylinder head were moving due to the protection mode that was activated , running on 4 cylinders. my symptom was a big alarm for overheat temp (sensor in shortcut). the cylinder temp seems to move a lot in value, mayge there is...
  8. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    after adding some oil from 1/4 to 3/4 threshold, the noise seems very very thin now ... no real clue if it is linked or not. but she likes having a good oil level i would say.
  9. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    Hi all, the same rattle appeared on mine for 50 miles now, car has 1500miles and built MY2019 18/11 Manual. the same symptoms , mostly in 1rst and 2nd Gear. but if i put the car in neutral and maintain the revs in the 2k 3K range , no noise, if i pull the gearshift in the direction of my...
  10. Show me your stripes!

    some more with liquid wax :) applied,
  11. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    it seems the same problem with faulty sensor, they must have received bad 3rd parties sensors recently ?. don't worry , after the swap , the engine should work like a charm. But note that , for me they had to reset all due to battery disconnection. So the software will relearn the engine , at...
  12. Damn the Mustang thing just keeps growing lol

    front/side is great, i think it will be pretty in person , but the rear is a total mess, so tortured, with the return of the infamous duck tail . they did the same on the new Z4 , I never had thumbs up with my old Z4 , with the Mustang i have smiles applaudes, thumbs , horn, every day. :like...
  13. Show me your stripes!

    narrow Satin White with black pin stripe on velocity blue MY2019
  14. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    the final word: The engine coolant temperature sensor was dead, in shortcut. Bad piece, bad luck. The replacement was not easy because it is hidden behind the engine , so the upper admission part must be removed.
  15. 2019 Mustang GT Premium Overheating issue

    HI , i subscribed to the forum also to add my contribution on the problem list. I just add the same problem. The Engine coolant alarm raised while driving while no overheating, cylinder heads temp ok , and the engine coolant temp value went back, so maybe false contact. The engine then goes...
  16. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi All, i am also french , /wave Bill lol , just received my 2019 GT velocity blue , ceramic seats , Manual gearbox 47 y old geek here, near Paris, leaving my beloved 6inline BMW Z4 for this wonderful gem. here she is , yes it s a girl . In France , the car is still a cinema icon , people...