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  1. Canada - Alberta 2020 GT rear shocks like new

    Check the threads in Suspension. I bought the Steeda Comfort package
  2. Canada - Alberta 2020 GT rear shocks like new

    Taken off with 300 miles on them, $110 USD shipped mail
  3. Canada - Alberta Forgestar CF10 rotary formed 19x10 wheels in gunmetal with Michelin AS3+ 285/35/19 tires- new

    Forgestar CF10 rotary formed 19x10 wheels in gunmetal with Michelin AS3+ 285/35/19 tires less than 300 km on them, square set-up so you can rotate, 10 lbs per wheel lighter than PP1 wheels, have quality TPMS sensors and chrome spline lugs, sold the car, over $4400 new. May sell wheels separate...
  4. Costco Tires

    That sucks. I hate Costco and won't go there. Too busy and parking is a hassle and I hate crowds. I don't find that their tires priced well and their sizes are limited.
  5. Indiana Stickier tires in stock size or get new rims for wider tires

    I started out with the same car and recently added 19x10s front and back / 285/35/19 Michelin AS3. I'm happy with this so far.
  6. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Perhaps I am missing something here (wouldn't be the first time). I'm not sure why you would bother with that harness. I just tapped into the rear speaker wire and used the same LOC to add a sub. Lots of people have added a sub this way. If you are bypassing the factory amp in full then you...
  7. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    Is that a new product? I didn't see it last year when I was shopping.
  8. Stereo Information (Wiring, Upgrades, etc...)

    All of the connectors that go into the factory amp/amp harness are available at Mouser individually. A few guys here have built custom amp bypass harnesses including me. The harness runs from the factory harness at the amp to new DSP/amps in the back. If you just want a T harness then you can...
  9. GT350R vs BMW M2 CS (my overnight internet crush)

    Yeah not a real M car but still lacking character.
  10. Ford factory speakers, omg!

    If you look at the factory speakers and amp you realize Ford probably paid less than a $150 for them.
  11. Thinking about a 18-21, questions on models/options

    You just have to figure out what options you have to have. Also, knowing what upgrades you will want will help reduce paying needlessly for options. I bought a base '20 A10 GT with the 301A option. I thought the cloth seats were alright and the 9 speakers system with the bigger screen would be...
  12. Tiger Woods Car Crash Was in a Genesis GV80

    Natural response is to straighten the legs which is the problem. I have been told that is one of the reasons why many race car drivers sit close enough so they can't do that. Hopefully he can recover and play decent golf again.
  13. How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    I don't have a plan. I haven't kept new cars more than 2 or 3 years but this is a hobby car and I have sunk money into the suspension, wheels/tires and a stereo so that could change things. The other factor that could influence my decision to sell would be finding another car that I want more.
  14. Best Dashcam

    What is required to get cell phone emails/alerts when the g sensor detects vehicle movement? Does the dashcam company have to provide a cloud service? I'm wondering if this type of functionality is available on any of the cheaper cameras.
  15. Mods and Members: Tire size comparison sticky?

    I use this one https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc